Session 2
  • Tyr managed to get into the Center of the Reality Engine before the trial started and ended up "Back Stage"
  • Tried to locate his True Love but ended up relying on random chance since he is ignorant of the principles governing the supernatural (no Occult skill).
  • Another version of Monica (as Lolita Pulido)
  • River Tam was shielded from the Shaping of the Wyld becaues of her insanity but it was not a kindness
    • Flawless Oak warded her mind to give her some reprieve
  • Learned the existence of Jean-Luc Picard
    • he seems to have the ability to interfere in the Fair Folk Trials
    • Added the Zombie Apocalypse
    • Added High Tech elements into the Trial
    • Added Medi-Gel
    • Added Combat Shotgun
  • With the materials Piccard provided Tyr created the Cure for the Zombie Vector and ended the Apocalypse
  • Failed the Test of Temperance
    • When Tyr revealed his/Zorro's secret identity

Sep 6, 2011


With Flawless Oak's limit break pointing him to violence and the failure of the Trials, there is just one course of action left - War.
Need to find Piccard and learn how he was able to override the Wyld Shaping abilities of the Fairfolks
While Carapace of Judgement protects him from being shaped Flawless Oak still need to figure out a way to protect others - such as Tyr and Avitus

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