Robert "The Surgeon" Chase

Park: Not everyone is so lucky to have your independence.
Chase: Don't worry. When you lose your family, you'll have it too.

Son of Baron Sorbus Aucuparia Chastues, and the commoner Rowan. The Baron had lost his first wife to disease, Rowan caught him on the rebound. Eventually, Sorbus grew tired of Rowan when chase was 8, booted her to the curb. Rowan devastated-crawled into a bottle and eventually died there. Despite having moved on from Rowan, Robertus grew up well taken care of, but without any real supervision. His teen years were wild and adventurous. As a young adult, Chase enrolled in the Tetragramaton Seminary Military Academy, where he went so far as to undergo his “holy orders” (Full conversion borg). Shortly thereafter Chase had a crisis of faith, and fled the order apparently to become a mercenary.

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