Tyr (Kal-El)

Primary Power: Manipulative

First Order: Telepathy: Novice Level
Second Order: Probe: Novice Level
Third Order: Mindworm: Novice Level

Primary Power: Enviromental

Secondary Power: Somatic

Tertiary Power: Sensory

Third Order

Type: Somatic
Registration: Dangerous
Insanity Test: Hard/2 Insanity Points
Intellect Required: 7
Tenacity Required: 8
Power Prerequisites: Internal Compass Asset <— Free Asset might be required since we have insufficient points.

Load Time: None
Difficulty: Challenging
Orgone Initiation Cost: 5 for first minute
Orgone Maintenance Cost: 1 per minute

Effects: A para-psychic with this power can instantaneously travel from one place to another, without traveling the distance in between. He literally blinks out of existence in one place and reappears at his destination. Inexperienced teleporters can only teleport to places they can see, for fear of rematerializing in a solid object and dying a horrible death. However, over time teleporters develop an intuitive sense that protects them from such a fate and can teleport into places unseen. Teleportation can be a little disorienting for the inexperienced. Para-psychics with this power are aggressively recruited by government agencies and the military for covert operations.

The distance a para-psychic can teleport, as well as what he can take with him, is based on his level of ability. A para-psychic can teleport once per turn as long as he maintains this power.

Student: You can teleport about 100 yards to someplace you can see. The only stuff that comes with you is what you’ve got on you, plus the equivalent of a backpack or shopping bag.
Novice: You can teleport a mile at a pop to someplace you can see. You can teleport with about 50 pounds of stuff.
Adept: You can teleport 10 miles at a pop and you don’t need to worry about seeing where you’re going anymore. You can only teleport yourself, with the equivalent of about 100 pounds worth of stuff.
Expert: You can teleport 50 miles at a pop and you don’t need to see where you’re going. You can teleport with the equivalent of about 250 pounds worth of stuff, including people.
Master: You can teleport 100 miles at a pop and you don’t need to see where you’re going ever and never land badly. You can grab hold of two other people and bring them with you. You can teleport with the equivalent of about 500 pounds worth of stuff, including people.

There’s an audible pop every time the para-psychic teleports.
Teleportation is accompanied by a quiet rush of wind.
An odd smell accompanies the teleportation.
The para-psychic sneezes every time he’s about to teleport.
Nearby animals make noises when the para-psychic teleports.

Specializations: Carrying, Seen, Unseen
Usage Fee: Adept (Legal) 210 Tn/hour, Adept (Illegal) 630 Tn/hour, Master (Legal) 750 Tn/hour, Master (Illegal) 2100 Tn/hour

Frenzyport (Special) – Once an Impulse has smelled fresh blood, it may Frenzyport. By rapidly teleporting, the Impulse may attack up to six targets he can see, regardless of distance, at no Multiple Action Penalty. The Tager’s Bite damage is increased to +4 for these attacks. The same target may be attacked multiple times. This uses all Actions and can be the Tager’s only Action that turn.

The advantage of this power is that "targets he can see, regardless of distance" So it is more or less a Horizon to Horizon attack if he can see that far.

Can add the line that at the end of the attack he returns to exactly where he was before. It is both a limitation and a bonus. Limitation in the sense that he cannot use this power as a means of escape (I attack the ground over there as a form of escape), bonus in the sense that he no longer need to waste one attack (I attack the ground I was standing on) to return to the beginning - instead of ending the attack next to [possibly] group of enemies.
Should change the bite damage +4to "Attack" this making Tyr not a biter, and the bonus to accuracy of the attack as oppose to the damage. The +4 can easily be justified as the speed and suddeness of the attack, and should be applicable to both Close Range and Ranged Attacks.
Limit Attack (Recharge at Sunrise)
can only attack targets, not environment.
line of sight only (not just anything you can see)
Within Reason, cannot attack a visible space station (for example), but Horizon to Horizon is perfectly ok.
+4 Accuracy if attacking, Range or Melee
1 Physical (E.g. Melee or Ranged) Attack Action per Taget
E.g. if the weapon has full auto, can fire full auto.
Can only be attack actions - e.g. no mental actions, or any action that is not an attack
Can combine with Paralyze touched once every 24 hours.

Disruptive Displacement
Limit Attack (Recharges at Sunrise)
Only action for that turn
Teleported into something that is 75% the size of the touched target with in the immediate area (e.g. cannot teleport someone into a mountain 100 miles away), there is no resistance roll.
Tyr choses the destination (within the above limitation)
This gest tricky if something is hollow, because it will not work for the volumn limitation. E.g. teleporting a person into a metal shere thinking it is solid, when it is hollow. That means the power is not activated, but he wasted his action.
When no suitable destination is avalible the power does not active (e.g. it is not wasted, but you still waste the action)
If damage/death is deemed necessary the target and/or destination roll a Challenging Tenacity Roll.
If one of the target would take no damage (a block of earth would have no real change even if a person is teleported into it) just don't bother rolling and result would depending on the target that can take damage.
if either succeeds both takes 2 dice of unsoakable hybrid damage
if both fails then it is instant death
It is a molecular bond, e.g. transport accident, all possessions - unless extremely power (such as indestructible etc.) - are bonded, result would require common sense.

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