Persephone Pharmaceuticals
Company Logo
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A Threshold Pharmaceutical Company

""Thrive, with Persephone Pharmaceuticals."

The Drug company Flawless Oak partnered up with Lord Bludd to start. Initially It will be Flawless Oak's main source of income, later it will probably become a non-profit organization that provides free health services for all. Its starting funds came from selling of the miracle cure1 to the obscenely rich clients. Things such as Age Starving Cordials, Seven Bounty Paste, Sweet Cordial, etc.

  • It is a legit company that will focus on medical research and production of medicines that improve quality of life.
  • The Company under the management of the Administration Prodigy Lord Bludd
    • It should quite easily fund all of Jor-El's endeavors.
  • Part of Persephone Pharmaceutical's first achievement is the Cure for the insissent drug resistant plague that has been ravaging the Threshold
  • The Company's catchy slogan are prayers to Persephone
  • The Jade ID Cards carried by all Persephone Pharmaceuticals employees are Creation Affirming, just like the jade currencies of old.
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