Beloved Lara

I despair that this letter may never reach your hands, but hope is indeed the brightest when the world seem darkest. These years of separation have not dimmed my love for you and in the bleak emptiness of this cell I sincerely thank the heavens for being blessed with you. I love you Lora, more than words can describe. While our Asgardian Jailers thought to diminish us with isolation and indifference, my yarning for you have only cemented my determination to right the injustices inflicted upon the millions of world of the Asgard Dominion.

Something major is happening since the normally stoic guards are becoming agitated and nervous. I fear whatever happening is for the worse, possibly one of my comrades have been finally sentenced for “absolution”. The sympathetic guards have reported to me that the prison ship is joining the Andromeda Ascension in a few days. This is the chance we have been waiting for. While the guards are made nervous and distracted by the possible meeting with a divinity, we will be making our move to regain our freedom. Should I not live through the struggles, know that I love you - so very much.

While our separation is torturous, given the same choices I would have undoubtedly followed the same path. Believe me that I do not love you less than my ideals. It is my love for you that makes me the man who is able to live up to them.

I wish I could have written more but time is short.

I have entrusted this letter to a good friend - a good boy who have grown into a fine young man. If the heavens see fit that he manages to deliver this letter, please put aside your sadness for me and give him your stunning smile. Please give him a potted Kryptonian Edelweiss from our solarium. I had promised him year ago when I learned he has never seen a flower.

It is time for us to make our move. Do not cry for me Lora, but take strength and comfort knowing that should I fall, I died as the man you love and not some broken Asgardian slave.

Eternally Loving You

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