Third Order
Type: Sensory
Registration: Invasive
Insanity Test: Hard/3 Insanity Point
Intellect Required: 7
Tenacity Required: 5
Power Prerequisites: Unique to Kaylee, "Bubbles," Frye

Load Time: 5 Minutes
Difficulty: Challenging
Orgone Initiation Cost: 4 for first 30 Minutes
Orgone Maintenance Cost: 3 for each additional 30 Minutes

  • Combination of Empathy (Bonus applies to Tests for Repairing Non-Organic Machines) and Retrocognition (Applies to the machine and what it was used for)

Effects: This is a throwback power. Under its influence Kaylee can hear the songs of the Least Gods, silent to non-dimensional beings since the beginning of the Universe. She is able to instinctively understand the machines and their functions. She also subconsciously intergrate the echo of the device's history. As she gains mastery of the power she can tap further and further back. This sharing of memory is not conscious, she cannot consciously describe what she knows and it acts out more as instinct. She can recognize the users of the device but cannot describe them ahead of time. She will be able to type in the password entered by anyone within the span of her retrocongition by rote, but is unable to write them down before hand. In many ways she acts via instinct and not conscious knowledge.

This power affects all mechanical devices regardless of principle; Be it Steam, Gun Powder, Arcanotech, or even Protoss Crystal Technology. What it does not applies to are Organic things, even if they are clearly mechanical. The test bonus granted by this Power is only used for repair and diagnostics (not design) and is added on top of any other bonuses, regardless what the other bonus description dictates. The power also grants her a minimum skill level in regards to the aforementioned tasks, but should her skills exceed the default level there is no additional bonus - her own skill has superseded the instinctual knowledge granted by the power. This instinctual knowledge might allow her to understand, but it does not grant her the ability or equipment to repair. E.g. if an device require the ability for Attunement to repair she cannot do so, but she will have a hunch of why she can't fix it.

Due to the nature of the Universe, this power is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY dangerous when used on Arcanotechnology or devices that was involved in supernatural incidents.

  • Student: You get a +2 Test or Contest Bonus, and have a minimum skill level of 1. She can subconscious process the device's recent past – about the last day. This information ends at the Device's completion. No information is gained prior to that, even if it fits within the time allowance.
  • Novice: You get a +3 Test or Contest Bonus, and have a minimum skill level of 1. She can subconscious process the device's history from the past week. The limitation of up to the device's creation is still applied.
  • Adept: You get a +4 Test or Contest Bonus, and have a minimum skill level of 2. She can subconscious process the device's history for the past year. She can also process the last week from the moment of the Device's creation - applicable to all of its individual mechanical parts (but not Raw material). So she now have a accurate instinct bout the conditions, methods, and persons of its assembly.
  • Expert: You get a +5 Test or Contest Bonus, and have a minimum skill level of 2. Her time allowance now extends into 5 years, and up to 1 month before Completion should it be applicable. Again, this does not extend to raw materials and only finished parts.
  • Master: You get a +6 Test or Contest Bonus, and have a minimum skill level of 3. She can reach back a century of the Device; and, when applicable, extend past the completion date all the way to the start of the base material processing. She can reach back to when the first Aluminum is melted and poured to form a Car's Engine Block - should that be within 100 years. She however cannot extend beyond that. She will not learn how the Aluminum was mined or where or by who.

Manifestations: None – this power has no inward or outward signs of activation, but Kaylee becomes giddy and very talkative, frequently talking to herself and incoherently.

Specializations: Specific Type of Devices, Specific Type of Technology, Machine of a Certain Time Frame (First Age, Industrial Age, etc.)
Usage Fee: Unknown, as no one knows Kaylee has this power.

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