Oxygen Reserve

The morph has a miniature
oxygen tank and rebreather installed in its torso. This
implant provides the equivalent of the life support
system in a light vacsuit (p. 333), allowing the character
to breathe comfortably for up to 3 hours. It feeds
oxygen directly to the morph’s blood stream, avoiding
problems with pressure changes. Implanted sensors
automatically cause the character to use the stored
oxygen if they detect poisonous or insuf cient atmosphere.
Without vacuum sealing, the character can
only survive in vacuum for 5 minutes, but remains
conscious and active for the entire time, giving them
far more time to nd shelter or a vacsuit than characters
without this implant. For every hour the character
is in a breathable atmosphere, this implant recovers
one hour of oxygen storage. The implant can be fully
recharged within 15 minutes if the character is in a
high-pressure mostly oxygen atmosphere. [Low]

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