Lara Lor-Van

Lara: My dearest Kal-El, our love will always be with you. I can already see you carry within your father's independent spirit.
Jor-El: But more importantly, your mother's never-ending bravery and her compassionate heart.

While Lor-Van wanted a son, Nara Rok-Van wanted a daughter. The compromise was that if the child is going to be a daughter then she at least will take on his name. Lara Lor-Van came into the world to loving parents. Lor-Van doted on her every chance he gets and Nara Rok-Van was no better. Nothing was denied her but despite all the luxury and privilege Lara Lor-Van grew up well balanced and humble.

She, like her mother, has a strong rebellious streak and is incredibly willful. She however also possessed a fragment of her father’s almost paralyzing cautious nature and it inhibits her willfulness to an acceptable level. Lara is the splitting image of her mother, a legendary beauty, but has always been a daddy’s girl and a tomboy. Ever since she took the field trip to the Kryptonian Space Agency she developed an insatiable fascination with space. Soon the servants were seen trying to coerce the child from the highest tree in the orchid. As she gotten order more and more the servants are seen running around the grounds chasing her down as she flew down the paths in some random contraption she build herself. She learned to pilot a shuttle before she knew how to ride a bike, and was space certified before she entered middle school. Eventually she would join the Kryptonian Space Agency and rise through the ranks to be involved with the Phantom Zone Project.

It was during this assignment that she met her future husband. Their initial meeting was kismet. Lara Lor-Van has just moved on to the research station and was shopping for household items and appliances. Out of the corner of her eye she saw an augmented space trooper, a giant of one actually ? big even by trooper standards and so god damn hot. She promptly used her advantage of rank and “commandeered” him as her personal shopping cart for most of the day and as a thank you she even took him to an expensive restaurant way out of his pay grade. It was not until she was woken up by a barrage of communication, from friends all over the sector, did she realize what she has done. For a whole week she couldn’t turn the corner without seeing the recording of her sporting her smug smile and condescendingly telling the Project Lorester(!!!) on how a proper servant is to carry a lady’s unmentionables.

What was a great embarrassment to her however didn’t even seem to register to Jor-El. The media’s distortion of their “relationship” didn’t bother him at all. He even had the audacity to say “if the media want to pair me up with a exquisite beauty like you, why would I object?” Which didn’t help the situation at all, since it only made her blush more. She found Jor-El’s laid back attitude infuriating but in time also endearing. As they became friends Lara grew to admire his easy going nature and his firm sense of morality. She was used to the stuck up socialites and pretentious dilatants all trying to earn her favor, but being around Jor-El was a complete change of pace ? a very pleasant one. He seems to be completely unfazed by her station and beauty… though to be honest she is often affected by his. Everyone knows House of El has a permanent position on the First Synod of Krypton, and this man before her is destined to assume that position. Even without the influence of his family and the magnitude of his destined station, he is already the leading authority in the fields of science and drop dead gorgeous to boot.

Wishing to conquer her sense of inadequacy she found a thousand reasons to hang out with Jor-El and became the subject of envy by every female on the station. However, as the project progressed Jor-El became more and more consumed with work and their time together grew shorter and more sporadic. Men who she had no interest in started to approach her and it annoyed her to no end. Unfortunately she didn’t realize the depth of her feelings till the project was suddenly shut down by Asgard Decree.

At first it was like something important to her was misplaced and her famous temper flared more frequently. As weeks turn into months, and Jor-El seems to have disappeared from the world, she started to worry. First about what if he forgot about her, then as the silence prolonged she started to worry about his safety. This feeling of lost has persisted for so long that she had no choice but to face it. She loves Jor-El. Not as a friend, or a family member, but with that mushy all consuming love idolized in those holovids she systematically avoided watching her whole life.

For 2 years she heard nothing and all attempts she made to find out his fate was unsuccessful. Not even her own parents knew. Her desperate messages to Jor-El’s father were answered with automated replies. Finally Lara accepted the possibility that Jor-El has crossed the line and was executed by the Asgardian Executor. She cried till her voice was hoarse. For a while she vented her angst and sadness via civil disobedience movement. But the emptiness in her grew and the joys of life slowly faded till she just remained on her estate going through the motion of living. Months of psychiatry forced on her by her worried parents told her what she already knew ? she suffered a traumatic lost and now suffering from severe depression. She refused to any treatment however. To erase this emptiness would be like erasing the only thing she has of Jor-El. This sadness only showed how true her love has been. She rather suffer than to diminish those feelings.

When her worried parents delicately broke the news of her arranged marriage they were shocked at her reaction. The very fact that they got any reaction was shocking improvement, but they didn’t expect Lara to recover from her depression in seconds. Time crawled towards the date of her engagement ceremony and Lara’s health recovered. Finally the day of her engagement came. Greeting of the attendees passed like a blur, even the Asgardian Judicator Tassadar was awarded only a functional curtsy ? she only had eyes for one face. Jor-El was at the other end of the receiving line. In the 2 years they been separated he has grown taller and his face now have a sense of gravity to it that seems to have suffocated his open innocence. Her heart panged at being excluded from those monumental events in his life, but at least he is alive. She honestly does not remember running up to him after the ritualistic greeting and jump slapping him, but their engagement album have pictures of the act. All she remembers was the all encompassing happiness and the feeling of being complete again with his powerful arms around her.

They were married 6 month later. After nearly a year of blissful life, in the middle of the night, Jor-El was arrested by a gloating Dur-Zod. When she tried to pull the soldiers away from her husband a trooper dropped her to the floor with a rifle butt to the head. Snapping his restraints Jor-El pushed the trooper away and was trying to tend to her when half a dozen stun blasts dug into his back and he felt next to her unconscious. As she lay there desperately clinging on to consciousness, Jor-El was taken out of her life.

He was sentenced behind closed doors by military court and no one was told of his fate ? including his wife.


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