Crossroad Keep
Hidden Manse

The cellar beneath Crossroad's Keep retains traces of the Avvar barbarians. To the Avvars, the Crossroad was both a fortress and a holy site. The cellars bear monuments to their gods, heroes, and their rare military victories.

Built in the Kryptonian style, Crossroad Keep is a fortress situated on the lost planet "Neverwinter1" It was an ancient site and obfuscate from detection and entry by ancient Adamant Circle Sorcery.

Initially, it is the stronghold of the Dark Angel, Black Garius. In an daring attack Flawless Oak confronts Black Garius at the Keep and defeats him soundly. Flawless Oak then claimed the Keep as his base of operation, becoming the defacto center of the Threshold Resistance.


  • Hidden: The Manse is hidden from detection


  • [ ] The Flawless Throne - Regains 5 extra motes of Essence per Hour due to focused faith
  • [ ] West Wing -
    • Communications Center
    • War Center:
  • [ ] Library -
  • [ ] Master Manufactorum -
  • [ ] Oribital Trade Dock -
Fortifications - Increases Land Security and draws more peasants which in turn bolsters militia.
  • [ ] Repair the Fortifications -
  • [ ] Reinforce defense with Shock Casters -
  • [ ] Construct Protoss Plasma Cannon Strong Points -
Surrounding Areas - Increases Road Security which in turn draws more merchants and funds.
  • [ ] Stellermantic Realignment (Widening the Roads) -
  • [ ] Starlane Reinforcement (Cobbling the Trail) -
  • [ ] Right of Passage with Near By Systems (Extensive work on nearby roads) -
  • [ ] Space Elevator and Planetary Sensor Net (Bridges and Watch Towers) -
Old Church Ruins - Available only in Act III and can be converted into either a church or monastery.
  • [ ] Temple of the Unconquered Sun - Temple to the Unconquered Sun
  • [ ] Kryptonian Pantheon - General Temple to all Faiths
Tower - Available only in Act III and can be used as either a headquarters for the Neverwinter Nine or a Wizard's Tower.
  • [ ] Sun Guard Training Hall -
  • [ ] School of Sorcery -

Notable Residents

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