The Tetragramaton, The Tyrant King of Heaven, .(Original: Y H W H | Modified: YLMH “Yelomah” Yamun, Lucem, MMTR, Bhraman)

Originally The Eternal Bound of Certainty, before he was reforged into the hell/prison city of Malfeas. Now he is something else. Not a primordial, nor a Yozi, more akin to an unshaped Raksha, for it's 3rd circle souls vie for "majority" control, but with the rigidity of creation and it's rules. Just how much of Malfeas remains is unclear, but enough of his primordial nature has returned that the gods seem unwilling to unable to directly oppose The Tyrant King of Heaven.

The celestial order was created from those gods loyal to the vision of the Unconquored sun. Those gods who were most inline with his vision of the world were promoted to the celestial heichary. With the return of the Primordial king, those gods which were not destroyed were cast back down to there original position. Not always the most odious and tedious of positions, none the less, they are now a far cry from their original glory.

The Tetragramaton unlike many Yozi is now comprised of only 4 souls, but what these souls lack in number they more then make up for in might.

1st and Current Controlling Fetish Soul: Lucifer(“lucem ferre”) the Morning Star, Herald of the King of Heaven (Pride)

  • Defining Soul: Satan the Prince of Lies
  • Wisdom Soul: Mammon Prince of Greed
  • Expressive Soul: Asmodeus Prince of Lust
  • Messenger Soul: Leviathan Prince of Envy
  • Indulgent Soul: Beelzebub Prince of Gluttony
  • Warden Soul: Baal Prince of Wrath
  • Reflective Soul: Belphegar Prince of Sloth

2nd Soul Metatron the Voice of The Tetragramaton.

  • Defining: Uriel Archangel of Purity (Chastity)
  • Wisdom: Azrael Archangel of Judgment (Termperance)
  • Expressive: Raphael Archangel of Sacrifice (Charity)
  • Messenger: Gabriel Archangel of Zeal (Diligence)
  • Indulgent Ramiel Archangel of Mercy (Patience)
  • Reflective: Seraphiel Archangel of Loyalty (Kindness)
  • Warden: Micheal Archangel of Humility (Humility)

3rd Soul Bhraman the Godhead

  • Defining: Brama Deva of Creation
  • Warden: Vishnu Deva of Preservation
  • Indulgent: Shiva Deva of Destruction
  • Messenger: Kali Deva of Change
  • Reflective: Indra Deva of Order
  • Expressive: Ahriman “The Fiendish spirit” Deva of Chaos
  • Wisdom: Ganesh Deva of Beginnings

4th Soul Yamau “Amun” the All-father

  • Defining: Ma'at Balance
  • Geb Life
  • Seth Darkness (Entropy, Repose)
  • Anubis Death
  • Ra Light (Energy, Growth)
  • Wisdom: Thoth Knowledge
  • Warden: Skemet Conflict
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