Lord Finis Balaur

Soldier, Politician, Gentlemen. With the decapitation of most of the senior leadership of the league, Finis Balaur has risen to the leadership of the Unionists. Overseeing what is left of the union army, Finis is adament about the protection of there ancient culture and way of life. He sees Lord Bludds insurrection as an assault on the values of the entire region, and Lord Bludd himself, as a traitor to his race.

For him, the institution of slavery is not only necessarily, but good. Only the noble class, the Nephilim, or descendants of the 'gods' are fit to rule. He firmly believes that if the lower classes were left to there own devices they would destroy themselves and anyone else caught in there wake.

The signet of his house is the Balaur Serpent from whom his house claims decent. His house guards are known as the fire-eaters.

*Currently ex-viceroy Butler is Finis's guest since Bludd dissolved the League parliament.

Elite (3)
Outsider Tainted (4)

Fanatical (2)

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