Lord Bludd

"The only value of that trust is that you can manipulate them"

Lord Niko Bludd ruler of the small colony Poratrin, whose chief export is slaves. As a member of the league Parliament, the governing body of the league of nobles, Bludd is generally disliked but tolerated for this business acumen and reliance on slaves across the league. Like all the nobles in the league, Bludd's position is hereditary.

Bludd is the patron of Tio Holztman, the foremost scientist in the League of Nobles, and therefore All of Holtzman's inventions come under the legal ownership of Lord Bludd and his family. Tio however "invents" all this creations by reverse Engineering off system technology. Unfortunately a recent influx of core world tech has all but invalidated most of Tio's patents, and destroyed much of Bludd's business dealings. In a desperate gamble for more tech, Bludd cooked up the idea of raiding prison ship "Atlanta" which he learned about from the private investigator Dixon Hill, that he met in an off-world Bar.


Agility Intellect Perception Presence Strength Tenacity
4 9 9 7 3 7

Big Ego (2) He suffers a -1 Test Penalty to any Tests where his personal appeal is important, such as Persuade, Seduction, and some Savoir-Faire tests.
Damaged (1)
Oath (1) (Flawwless Oak Eclipe Oath): Freedom is the right of all sentient beings
Wealth (1)

Feat Skill
Presence: )

Combat Skills
Armed Fighting:
Marksmen: Novice (1)
Support Weapon: Student (1)
Dodge: Adept (3)

General Skills
Apprisal*: Expert(4)
Athletics: Student (1)
Bureaucracy: Expert (4)
Business: Adept (3)
Computer*: Student (1)
Culture Legue of Nobels: Expert (4)
Education Political Science: Master (4)
Language ()*: Expert (4)
Language ()*: Expert (4)
Larceny:embezzlement: Adept (3)
Occult : Student (1)
Savior Faire Expert 4

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