Illithid Noble (A type of Fairfolk)

"Providence chooses its instruments. Not the other way around. Fate brought you to that battle. Destiny demanded your actions. Perhaps you were merely a tool of Divine Will."

Tyr: What if theyre not decoys?
Ben: Then when we get to the pearly gates, make sure everyone lines up behind Kulhu… You've got spin control.
Kulhu: I'll… see what I can do.

Kulhu is a member of a supernatural race called the Illithid, more commonly known as Mindflayers for they flay the minds of their victims. The poor soul's minds, aspirations, dreams, pains, joys, all that makes them who they are, are taken by Illithids as nutrition and currency. This marks them as possible Fair-Folk type beings, for they too feast upon the dreams of the shaped. But there are distinct differences between Illithids and Fair-Folk, such as their hideous form and their ability to exist with comfort in the rigid shapes of Creation.

  • Illithids used to, maybe still do, rule vast spans of Creation. Though that empire has been challenged and ripped asunder once before. Possibly at the hands of the Asgards.
  • Kulhu have gave up on his evil past life and is trying to seek redemption. He left the Atlanta Prison in the hopes of aiding Flawless Oak and in the process atone for his many many sins.
  • Pacifist
  • Extensive knowledge of the Supernatural, probably equal to Flawless Oak in Occult Knowlege
  • Masters of Thaumagtury
  • Displayed no other magical capacity, but he certainly does have his own charms.
    • May be that his Charms are vile magics he has forsaken their use.
  • Trusted by Flawless Oak, Tyr, and Ben completely. Though many does not on the account of his appearance
    • Flawless Oak knows about the Illithids and their atrocities in Creation. He trusts Kulhu because he knows Kulhu is a good being. What his race have done to Flawless Oak does not condemn this one individual. Dangerous thoughts to have in regards to an Illithid - he knows - but he nonetheless is steadfast in his faith in Kulhu.
    • A Few of the crew have accepted him after being so long together, though this will be challenged if and when they find out what Kulhu really are
  • [Session 08] Kulhu is using his powers to safe guard the planet Denerim from the Deep Wyld leaking from the broken Reality Engine.
  • [Session 08] Knowing he is the only one that can fix it, Flawless Oak flew to the center of the disturbance - not knowing his Son arrived before he.
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