The central planet Krypton is known throughout the core for their skilled scientists. The best scientist and engineers come from the planet krypton, and people from accross the core petition to study, but few are ever accepted. The presence of Kryptonian's in foreign courts is not great as their diplomats are relatively few, although they are not isolationists.

The Kryptonians are also noted pacifists, preferring diplomacy to war if at all possible. They have been known to intercede on behalf of oppressed minor governments in attempts to stop warfare.
Many other core worlds take this as a sign of the weakness of their armies or the imbalance of the rule of the Council of Science. On the contrary, the Kryptonians do train in military maneuvers, and once Krypton fully commits themselves to a war, they unleash their war machines with such power that the effects take years to fully heal. Because of this, the Council does not involve the military in battle unless it is an absolute necessity. And once it becomes a necessity, the rest of the core is often shocked and repulsed by the brutal efficiency of the Kryptonian war machine

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