At some Point Creation is unified by Imotep, history is unclear if this is an individual a circle of Solars or some larger organization. A new First age is born under the rule of Imotep, and many plans are set in motion to mold creation. Chief among them is an expansion of creation….

"In my Humble Opinion 'The Epitome Perfection'"

The wildly successful, and Wildly disastrous pet project of the Post Plant Era Solars known as:

Contemptuous Bear Supplanting the Heavens - Twilight
Superior Light of the sword - Dawn (59)
Beloved Wolf-heir that Ofuscates the Bow(32) - Night
Holy Light Concecrated to War - Eclipse (299)

Contemptuous Bear, Superior Light, and Beloved Wolf-heir were some of the most influential solar of there time. Ambitious, driven, and possessed of ideas which would become the basis for all modern ideals of production, automation, scale, and civilization construction. The three however were driven to the brink of madness by there frustration at the limits of there individual abilities. This however was especially galling as their Circle mate, Holy Light, was none too concerned with such trivialities as civilization building, or the underlining mechanics of creation, or even the goings on outside his particular domain. Although sworn to his brothers, faithful, and talented, his personal ambitions, which he was able to rapidly and repeatedly full-fill, paled by the standards of this circle mates.

So, the 3 decided to help there brother as no other before, to propel Holy Light to a greatness of fame, power and ability, that none could hope to rival. "Evil" civilizations, diabolical monarchs, and in the end alternate realities were created for no other reason except that the Circle could point Holy Light to destroy them, supplant them, or gain power from them. All of creation was plunged into the brink of destruction, again and again just to move Holy Light in the desired directions of development. If other Solars rose to the Challenge, Wolf-heir would assassination them if it became necessary. If any came close to discovering the truth, Superior Light would send his pet Sidreal to cover all tracks. At one point, Holy Light was even handed over to one of Contemptuous Bears pet Yozi. (For Contemptuous Bear had discovered a way to change the very nature of the Yozi to suite him).

With every passing "game" Holy Light grew in power, and the Circle grew ever closer to breaking there circle oath as they manipulated every aspect of his life.

*Dawn and Eclipse are again twins, The human Soul of the Eclipse has actually held the Night spark in a previous age

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