Forgetful Snow
Fairfolk Noble Former Queen of the Winter Court

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards
-The White Queen

Forgetful snow is a fairfolk queen without a court. Long ago and under a different name, the White Queen found the journal of the a night cast exalt. The queen was obsessed with the narrative the way only a Raksha can be. Decades later, the queen was convinced she was in fact, the next Solar exaltation of this spark, and such was her power in the wyld, that for all intents and purposes; it was true. All memory of her existence as the white queen faded away, and all that was left was the night cast exalt, Forgetful Snow.

  • Do to prodigious and skillful and unconscious use of wyld shaping and stunts, so long has Forgetful Snow is in the wyld, she has the powers of a solar exalt
  • A cinematic character, so long as Forgetful SNow is in the Wyld she effectively operates by Exalted Rules.
  • Wiped out her own court as enemies of creation.
  • Decided that creation is now too corrupt for saving, converted the reality engine into a black hole gun and has been punching holes into creation in an attempt to have it all sucked into the abyss for decades. Assumes that by the time she punches enough holes into creation to destroy it, she should be powerful enough to remake it.
  • The Eclipe Cast Solar Flawless Oak has convinced her that the people need to saved, so now Forgetfull Snow needs some sort of Ark.
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