Jor-El, Lorester - The Flawless Oak (Exalted)

"Freedom is the Right of all Sentient Beings"
- Jor-El to his Asgard Tormentors

The Beginning

Beloved Lara

I despair that this letter may never reach your hands, but hope is indeed the brightest when the world seem darkest. These years of separation have not dimmed my love for you and in the bleak emptiness of this cell I sincerely thank the heavens for being blessed with you. I love you Lora, more than words can describe. While our Asgardian Jailers thought to diminish us with isolation and indifference, my yarning for you have only cemented my determination to right the injustices inflicted upon the millions of world of the Asgard Dominion.

Something major is happening since the normally stoic guards are becoming agitated and nervous. I fear whatever happening is for the worse, possibly one of my comrades have been finally sentenced for “absolution”. The sympathetic guards have reported to me that the prison ship is joining the Andromeda Ascension in a few days. This is the chance we have been waiting for. While the guards are made nervous and distracted by the possible meeting with a divinity, we will be making our move to regain our freedom. Should I not live through the struggles, know that I love you - so very much.

While our separation is torturous, given the same choices I would have undoubtedly followed the same path. Believe me that I do not love you less than my ideals. It is my love for you that makes me the man who is able to live up to them.

I wish I could have written more but time is short.

I have entrusted this letter to a good friend - a good boy who have grown into a fine young man. If the heavens see fit that he manages to deliver this letter, please put aside your sadness for me and give him your stunning smile. Please give him a potted Kryptonian Edelweiss from our solarium. I had promised him year ago when I learned he has never seen a flower.

It is time for us to make our move. Do not cry for me Lora, but take strength and comfort knowing that should I fall, I died as the man you love and not some broken Asgardian slave.

Eternally Loving You

Lorester Jor-El, the Flawless Oak

Concept: Idealistic Revolutionary
Religious Affliation: Rao (Red Sun of Krypton – Unconquered Sun)
Motivation: Freedom is the Right of all Sentient Beings
Intimacy: +Seyg-El, +Zor-El, +Lora Lor-Van, +Kindness, +Love, -Asgard Indifference

Tall and daunting Jor-El is a statue of a classical master made flesh. He is the eldest son and heir, scion of the legendary Kryptonian House of El. It was obvious, even minutes after his birth, that he was extraordinary. The beautiful baby was able to walk and stand almost immediately and he surveyed the birthing chamber with curiosity and understanding. By the time Jor-El was 2 he was already the size of a 10 year old. His mental prowess was no less developed and his keen insights stumps adults. He became the pride of House of El and the twinkle in his parent’s eye. He was invited to the prestigious Kryptonian Institute of Technology (KIT) before his 6th birthday and broke two records. The first being the youngest person to ever be admitted and became the only assistant to the infamous archeologist Jax-Ur that was not greeted with his characteristic cruelty. At first it was rumored that his father, Seyg-El, used his influence as a member of the First Synod of Krypton to gain his heir the honor but the events of Vela Phi vindicated Jor-El.

Vela Phi is a broken planet dangling around a dying red star. A crashed space shuttle accidently discovered the ruins of what seemed an ancient civilization. Jax-Ur used his considerable academic influence to immediately take over the project and isolated it from public knowledge. While he would have liked to keep his findings private the ramifications of Vela Phi was too vast to be covered up. It was the dig of Vela Phi that confirmed his suspicion that Jor-El could tap into the life force of the universe akin to what the Asgards are capable of – though to a far more limited degree. Jor-El was able to activate the ancient devices that thus far only Asgards could use and this ability allowed the research team unprecedented access. But what Jax-Ur enjoyed the most is his independence from Asgardian “technical assistance,” as Jor-El’s ability to activate devices and portals freed him from reliance on the Asgard Monopoly.

The excavation lasted 5 years and ended shortly after Jor-El turned 12. Upon his return to Krypton Jax-Ur bestowed upon him the title of Lorester and they worked as partners to sort out the ramification of what they found on Vela Phi. 1 year later Jor-El would announce to a closed KIT intra-disciplinary panel the “Phantom Zone Project” and became the youngest research head of the KIT. His revolutionary project gained unanimous support of the KIT Regents and even piqued the interest of the Kryptonian Guard. A remote station near the planet Tucana was designated as the research lab and the project was started in secrecy.

The research would prove to be more difficult than originally anticipated and it took everything Jor-El learned at Vela Phi to succeed. It was during his time here that he met the love of his life. A tomboy beauty with a quicksilver tempers tempered with kindness and an infectious romanticism about the world. Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van would become great friends but as much as he loved her he could not speak the words. He knows that he could never treat Lara the way she deserves to be treated. Lara deserves to be someone’s entire world and not always be put second place. Unfortunately it was not up to him what Lara does and she fell in love with him anyways. By chance an Asgard Executor passing through the system sense the activation of the Phantom Generator Prototype and all hell broke loose.

The project was immediately shutdown and all relevant records expunged. The entire research staff would have been executed or “relocated” if not for Jor-El’s defiance of social protocol. Instead of simply obeying he spoke to the Executor directly, though still humbly, and laid forth his claimed as the sole individual responsible for the project. Nimbus of lightning encircled him as the Executor punished him for his insolence. He regained consciousness on a desolate world with a strange blue sky. Here he was faced with insurmountable odds that picked at everything he cared about. The sentient beings he met were only there to betray him; what little good he mange to do turns to ash; and the few beings he befriended are, without fail, martyred to protect him. It didn’t take long before he realized the pattern. This is all some elaborate scheme designed to punish him by using the most effective way - punish those around him. He tried to sacrifice himself to save others but he was always spared and others suffered instead. In the end he chose to fight as best as he can and try to save as many as he can. But the games went on and on. Here amidst friendships built on sorrow and fragments of joy floating in a sea of suffering he realized the depth of Asgard depravity. He gleamed of how little the suffering Asgards inflicts on others really meant to them. Here he lost the innocence of his 17 years of life and realized of the horror perpetrated on the universe by its indifferent masters .

Then one day as he was aiding the village that he was passing through in constructing a wood barricade an Asgard transport appeared out of nowhere. Judicator Tassadar (an illusion charm) informed him that he will be returned to Krypton under Tassadar’s authority and once he leaves there would be no further reason to put the people of this planet through the scenarios. Jor-El was also informed on the trip back to Krypton that he is now engaged to Lara Lor-Van and he will be going directly to the engagement ceremony.

The reunion was blissful and Lara tried to heal his wound with her love, but the memories would not fade. He tried to forget what he has experienced and live a happy life. After all he had everything a man would want. He will one day join the First Synod, he had nigh endless wealth, fame and respect are his birthright, and most importantly of all he is surrounded by those who love him. But the memories of the Asgard indifference would not fade. He had to put his family second and take on the cause no one seems to be willing to. He had to protect the masses from the Asgard tyranny. Carefully and methodically, taking absolute no risks, he started to slowly gather allies from across the sector. Confident in his own intelligence and meticulous nature, he and his coconspirators thought they were successful in fooling the Asgards.

Until Commander Dru-Zod and his augmented space troopers came for each of them in the middle of the night. They were tried in closed military court presided by Grand Marshal Nux-Zod. They were convicted of treason and while his allies were sentenced to death by firing squad, Jor-El was turned over to the Asgards.

Jor-El the scion of House of El, the most brilliant scientist of his generation, he who had the world as his oyster, a man of 8 feet height and herculean girth, will live out the rest of his life in a 7x7’ cell with only a bucket to shit in.

But Fate, it seems, has a different plan in mind.

Role-playing Guideline

Moral, Idealistic, bur firmly grounded in the necessity of practical. This firmness of belief combined with worldly savvy makes him a world changer. In some ways he is like Buddha or Jesus, someone who is willing to bear the suffering of the world upon his shoulders. He is also someone whose morality is firm enough to believe that hardship and suffering is preferable to moral degradation.

Game Notes

Caste: Eclipse Caste
Anima: An ancient flawless emerald oak tree with veins of translucent gold that radiates a sense of eternal serenity

Sorcerous Sacrifice

Terrestrial: The Greater Good: Jor-El while wanting to be with his family has chose the betterment of all beings instead of the duty of a son or the responsibility of a husband. Even as his quest take him from those he loves most he cannot bear the thought of not doing all he can to help those in need. To him his family is always secondary when contending against the suffering in the world. [Tyr is Family]
Celestial: Selfless Sacrifice: The character has forsworn selfishness. He will always put the needs of others before himself. If he goes hungry or others go hungry he will always pick himself. If he had to choose between he suffers or someone else suffers, he will always bear the heavier burden.
Solar: Unyielding Virtue: The character has decided to live a life true to his beliefs. He will try his best to follow the path dictated by his virtues even if it means unbearable hardship. Consequently he will never use Willpower to override his virtues if the action is at least neutral. E.g. if Valor dictate that he does not run away and stay to protect the village to the death, he stays and protects it to the death. This will hold true for as long as another equal or more virtuous option does not appear. E.g. If the abovementioned village is now successfully evacuated he can then use a willpower point to retreat and protect the villagers instead of dying for nothing more than pig-headedness.

Great Curse

Primary Virtue: Compassion Limit Cap: 10-2 (8) Current Limit: 0
Red Rage of Compassion: All the suffering the character has seen fills him with an unquenchable rage. He immediately attacks the most obvious cause, without consideration for himself or the situation. The character’s rage overcomes sense and reason. He is unlikely to perform even simple acts such as putting down objects in his hands or drawing a weapon. However, he does not suffer wound penalties while in this state. Characters without obvious targets enter a terrible rage, moving erratically from area to area, smashing objects without consideration for value and lashing out at anyone foolish enough to interfere.

Partial Control: The character must immediately attack any source of suffering, but he can apply her rage effectively, using weapons, charms and spells normally. Without a nearby target, the character seeks out oppressors he has seen before and does not calm down until he finds one. Anyone who tries to stop him physically also becomes valid targets for attack, though only if they persist in the foolish behavior. He suffers normal wound penalties in this state.

Duration: One scene in combat or hours equal to Compassion

Limit Break Condition: The character sees innocents suffering and is unable to effectively intervene.

Unique Power: Larger than Life

The Character is both figuratively and literally larger than life. He is a titan amongst men. He towers over others of his race with a divinely inspired physique that is massive, daunting and beautiful. He is a force of nature when roused and an object of art that inspires admiration when in repose. A perfect mesh of speed, grace and power his body is an icon that accord him respect from all.

  • The Character is huge for his race. Jor-El towers over others both in girth and height. He towers at a height of 8 feet and is proportionally herculean in stature. He gains an additional 3 dots each to Strength and Stamina and 3 additional -0 health levels. (Large Mutation 3x)
  • To reflect his titanic physical prowess he double his movement speed and jump distances, and he also double his Strength for the purpose of Feats of Strength (such as Lift and Throw). Should any other affect multiple these values this power only add another magnitude and does not double the multiplier result. This doubling of strength also counts towards using a 2-handed weapon 1-handed.
  • The character is also completely impervious to environmental damage, be it natural or otherwise. He is impervious to such effects as Vacuum of Space, Deep Center of a Volcano, walking through a Burning Forest, swimming through a Pool of Acid, even the Anima of Dragon-Blooded.
  • The Character’s awesome appearance is both daunting and inspiring. He suffers no MDV penalty from being lower in appearance as his physical presence makes up the difference. In fact if his appearance is equal or higher than the opponent they suffer an additional -1 MDV penalty. This stacks with any existing appearance MDV modifiers. So if Jor-El is talking with a being of equal appearance than him, then that being will suffer a -1 MDV penalty. If he is talking to a being 5 points lower in appearance then the unfortunate ugly thing will suffer -4 MDV Penalty (-3 from AP Modifier and -1 from this Power).
  • The Character being so huge has obvious draw backs. Such as sticking out like a sore thumb in most societies. He will also have accessibility issues living in a world designed for more normal sized beings. Mechanically he increases all attempts at hiding and disguise by 3 difficult levels and makes most attempts to disguise himself as a specific person impossible. Unless he is in an area of similarly massive beings he will also have problem finding clothing and armor and most of his gear would have to be custom ordered.

Notable Items


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