Essence 1 Heroic Familiar of Deadly Potential and Intelligence

Pronounced "Cait shee", though Jor-El calls him "Krypto"

S/D/S: 6/3/5 P/I/W/W: 4/2/3/5
Health: -0(4), -1(1), -2(1), -4, I
Bite (S/A/D/R): 6/6/4L/1
Claw (S/A/D/R): 6/7/3L/2
Dodge DV: 3.5 Soak: 2L/5B
Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Dodge 4, Integrity 2, Investigation 2, Martial Arts 3, Presence 3, Resistance 3, Stealth 4, Survival 3
Note: Double Movement Speed, Double Strength for Feats of Strength, Impervious to Environmental Damage, Ignore Appearance MDV penalty, add +1 to his MDV bonus/penalty cap.

The boundless vitality that is the Solar Flawless Oak cannot be contained by a mortal shell – even one as grand as his. This overflowing Vitality congealed with the limitless potential that is Deep Wyld and brought forth Cait Sidhe into existence.

He is formed from the deep memories of Jor-El’s Gray Kryptonian Tabby and embodfies his longing for those happier times. Being essentially a facet of Flawless Oak Caid Sidhe shares his “Larger than Life” Gift. Thus he titans over his mortal [kitty] kin much like how Flawless Oak dwarves lesser men. Cait Sidhe is the size of a large dog yet still remains cute and cuddly – at least until it opens its third eye and bears its shark-like rows of razor sharp fangs and inch long claws that can rip through steel. (Cait Sidhe’s stats are based on the Great Cat stat in the core rule book).

Unlike his template, Jor-El’s old Tabby, Cait Sidhe is far less jovial. It’s adorable, and often disturbing, visage is constantly fixed in a downward scowl of disappointment on everyone save Jor-El.

  • Cait Sidhe can rise in Essence via its own side-quest line.
  • GM have implied that Cait Sidhe’s Essence cap is 9, though that is without doubt not in the scope of the game.
  • Cait Sidhe is actually a sentient being – and not just merely a preternaturally cunning animal. He has the same intelligence as enlightened mortal average (2 dots).
    • He however can only communicate via noises, postures and expressions. He doesn’t possess the capacity for speech – at least not yet.
  • Cait Sidhe usually lay across Flawless Oak’s shoulder lazily like a shawl.
  • Cait Sidhe has the standard enhanced hearing and night vision common to house felines.
  • Cait Sidhe’s third eye is normally closed and while so is nearly invisible because it blends in with his patterning. The Third Eye has the capacity to see dematerialized things – such as spirits and ghosts and sanctums, and is often the sense that is shared with Flawless Oak.
  • Flawless Oak has 5 additional motes of personal essence available when in contact with Cait Sidhe
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