Emergency Farcaster

Emergency Farcaster: Only characters with cortical
stacks can possess this augmentation. The morph
has an implanted quantum farcaster (p. 314) linked
to a highly secure storage facility. The high cost of
this implant also covers the cost of this storage. Using
standard radio and quantum encryption, the farcaster
broadcasts full backups of the character’s ego (pulled
from the cortical stack) once every 48 hours. At the
gamemaster’s discretion, the backup interval may be
scheduled more or less frequently, keeping in mind
that ego broadcasts are generally limited for security purposes and because they hog bandwidth. These
broadcasts only work when the character is in radio
contact with the storage facility and is typically only
used inside a habitat to broadcast backups back to a
nearby space ship. If the radio broadcasts are blocked
or jammed, this device cannot make backups.
In the event of a farcaster failure, this augmentation
also includes a single-use emergency neutrino broadcaster
(p. 314) as well. This broadcaster contains approximately
10 nanograms of antimatter stored in an
orange-sized triply-redundant magnetic containment
vessel. If the character is dying or urgently wishes to
depart the morph, this tiny amount of antimatter is
brought into contact with a similarly tiny amount of
matter in a controlled fashion that generates a single
brief and carefully coded neutrino pulse of the ego’s
most recent backup. However, the heat generated by
this process literally cooks the entire morph, killing it
and destroying all implants and electronics in or on it.
This entire process takes less than 0.1 second and
the broadcast can be received as long as the neutrino
receiver is within 100 astronomical units of
the character. Within the solar system, this implant
effectively guarantees the character’s backup. It is less
useful on exoplanets where the character is out of
neutrino range of their backup facility. The amount
of antimatter carried by this implant is suf ciently
small enough that it does not produce an explosion
and will not damage any surrounding objects. Most
habitats carefully scan all visitors to determine if they
have this implant and if the amounts of antimatter
involved are suf ciently low as not to pose a danger
to the habitat and its inhabitants, and some ban this
implant entirely. [Expensive]

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