Powerful Well Rounded Dhohanoid

Conversion Notes

  • 3x Starting Magic Pool (Form of Sanctified Asset)
  • Versatile Attribute Modifications
  • High Combat Capabilities/special abilities
  • Natural Max Stats is 20
  • Mecha Strength when Anima is displayed
  • MDC/Integrity Hit Points
  • Can access up to Rank 3 Sorcery
  • Chose 2 Primary School in Para-Psychic powers are chosen upon Exaltation
    • This means Solars have 2 Primary Schools, 1 Secondary School, and 1 Tertiary School.
  • Physical manifestation is just Anima Display
    • Akin to Desolate Ones (Vade Mecum, Pg. 122)
    • This makes Solars the all around most powerful beings of the Exalted Types
      • With Lunars being more powerful in Combat Situations due their higher Combat stats and slightly superior regeneration powers.

The Great Curse

Solars being the first slayers have the Greatest Curse inflicted upon them. The role-playing mechanics of the Curse needs no additional modification. However there are few minor changes.

  • They gain a limit whenever they resist/gain an Insanity Point.
  • Since there is no Virtues, the Solar just rolls a d10-2 and gain that many limit points upon Triggering.

General Powers

  • Like all Supernatural Beings, Solar have the same survival ability as Tegars and Dhohanoids.
  • Solars are immune to ordinary Insanity. Instead these are applied to Limit Break.
  • Being Supernatural Strength-ed Solars move and jump at double normal distance.
  • While Solars does not have insane regeneration rates of the Lunars (sometimes 2 dice) they have the second best regeneration.
    • The Average of their Strength and Tenacity divided by 5, rounded up.


  • All Solars have Totemic Anima that Flare out in 4 Circumstances
    • When they are under emotional turmoil
    • When they are Serious Hurt or Greater
    • When they actively spent 5 Oregon to Invoke it
    • When they expenditure Oregon on other powers to a total of 10 points in the same scene
    • When they use their Limit Powers
  • When the Anima is on display its light shows the true supernatural nature of the Solar. The light reveals via the Solar's shadow their true nature. The shadow is not that of the man, but the Supernatural being that he has become.
  • The Anima provides 1/1 Supernatural Armor value that is cumulative with any existing armor
  • The Anima makes their damage (regardless of the weapon's natural damage) into MDC/Integrity
    • The very being of a Solar imbues their surrounding with the might of the Sun of all Suns. All their Equipment becomes MDC. Thus their natural attacks are MDC as well as anything they pick up to use as weapon or wear as armor. They all become MDC/Integrity Scale.
      • A Solar can throw a ordinary baseball and it will puncture through a mecha as if its a cannon round.
  • The Anima makes their Strength into Mecha Strength Scale
  • The Anima increase their movement speed and jump distance by another magnitude (to 3x normal).

Supernatural Abilities

In addition to the Caste Powers Solars all have additional powers totemic to their being.



  • +5 and +4, distributed to Strength or Agility
  • Additional 6 points to distribute, no greater then +3, to rest of stats
  • Anima Power: When their Anima is out any enemy whose Tenacity is Lower than the Dawn's Presence + Intimidation (Skill value not Roll) looses 1 die on their attack roll against the Dawn due to Supernatural Fear.


  • +5 and +4, distributed to Tenacity or Presence
  • Additional 6 points to distribute, no greater then +3, to rest of stats
  • Anima Power: When the Zenith's awesome Anima is in display, any damage done to Outsiders1 by that Zenith caste cannot be healed via any means, be it regeneration, magic, or medicine, till the next Sunrise.


  • +5 and +4, distributed to Intelligence or Perception
  • Additional 6 points to distribute, no greater then +3, to rest of stats
  • Anima Power: When their Anima is in display, the Twilight Caste subtract their Tenacity Stat from all damage taken


  • +2 to every Stat
  • Anima Power: Eclipse Caste have the lowest attribute bonus total, and the lowest attribute bonus cap. In return they have arguably the best Anima Powers, and they have 2!!!
    • Eclipse Oath: Eclipse Caste can expend 10 Oregon and sanctify an agreement. The Oath is then enforced by the balances of the Universe. The process imparts perfectly comprehension of the Agreement and the party that break the agreement is doomed a horrible and poetic end. There are no second chances, oath breaking is an unavoidable doom that not even the Great Old Ones can stop.
    • Mimic: While all Solars can develop powers it is a rare and difficult process and most importantly only in the Scope of their Exalted Themes. Eclipse Castes are not bond by such limitations. They can develop/mimic Powers of any being - but they cannot develop this on their own; the Original Masters of the power have to show them how its done.
      • The development of such powers carries a 10 Exp Surplus
      • This does not apply to Anima Powers or Truly Unique Powers (such as the Lunar Shape-change Ability)
      • This also does not apply to anything the GM says it doesn't apply to.


  • +5 and +4, distributed to Agility or Perception
  • Additional 6 points to distribute, no greater then +3, to rest of stats
  • Anima Power: The Dark Shadowy Anima of the Night Castes grants them perfect anonymity. When their Anima is displayed, it enshrouds the Night Caste and obscures their identity from all means to gainsay it. This however does not erase prior knowledge. So anyone who witnesses the Solar invoking his Anima would still know underneath that disturbing shadow is the Solar. Since the Anima is still totemic to the Solar, this also means they can still be identified by the anima.
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