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Setting Conversions

Carapace of Judgement

The Following Section have been superceeded by the Item Page with Converted Stats: Carapace of Judgement

  • Armor function as Very Powerful Nephilim System (Mortal Remains, Pg. 80)
    • SDC
    • Sentient
    • With the same violent tendencies and short comings of such things
  • Immune to Armor Attrition as the Outside Being regenerates all damage
  • Because Flawless Oak is Solar (and thus always MDC) this armor would become MDC when he wears it
  • Unmovable ability can just be modified versions of Wraith's Ability
    • Except it applies to MDC and Combat as well

Ancient Enemies, Pg. 82

Once choosing to stand its ground, a Wraith is very difficult to move. Nothing of Vitality-scale can move it. Anything hitting a Wraith at speeds of ten to thirty miles an hour takes one die worth of Hybrid Damage. Anything hitting a Wraith at speeds of 30 to 60 miles an hour takes two dice worth of Hybrid Damage, while the Wraith takes one die (armor cannot reduce). Anything hitting a Wraith at speeds of 60 to 120 miles an hour takes three dice worth of Hybrid Damage, while the Wraith takes one die (armor cannot reduce). This ability reaches its maximum effectiveness at 120+ miles an hour, where the target takes five dice worth of Hybrid Damage, while the Wraith takes two dice (armor cannot reduce).

At no time, under any circumstances, can a Wraith be knocked down or moved, unless it wishes to be. However, its inertial abilities do not defend it against normal combat, where all the usual rules apply. Its abilities do apply to falling, where it always takes half damage.

Tennabum and Laurie

Core Book, Pg. 103

Drawbacks: Outsider Tainted (4)
Somewhere in your Character’s past, his lineage mixed with something else. Whether it is corruption through sorcery, exposure to the power of the Old Ones, or tampering by an alien or supernatural species, his blood has been tainted by the Outsiders. Unlike most other Drawbacks, those who are Outsider Tainted also gain benefit – they begin with twice as much Orgone as normal. However, they are classified as a threat by the New Earth Government and if discovered as such would be arrested, incarcerated, and possibly experimented upon. Their condition is detectable by genetic scan, which makes it difficult to get into arcologies. This can render a Character unplayable in stories where black market or criminal contacts don’t feature prominently. Those with an Outsider Taint also manifest some sort of physical trait that reveals their origin – they may have unnatural eyes, nictitating membranes, extra digits, unnatural cravings, vestigial claws, hentai genitalia, or the like. Characters with the Outsider Tainted Drawback also cannot bond with a Tager – it would devour them instantly – and a Synthesis Interface is useless, as Engels won’t let them inside.

  • Tennabum's mark is Skullator's Face and her craving to implement nasty experiments.
  • Lauri's mark is her disturbingly strange behavior
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