Cortical Stack

A cortical stack is a tiny cyberware data storage unit protected within a synthdiamond case the size of a
grape, implanted at the base of the skull where the
brain stem and spinal cord connect. It contains a
digital backup of that character’s ego. Part nanoware,
the implant maintains a network of nanobots that
monitor synaptic connections and brain architecture,
noting any changes and updating the ego backup in
real time, right up to the moment of death. If the character
dies, the cortical stack can be recovered and they
may be restored from the backup (see Resleeving, p.
271). Cortical stacks do not have external or wireless
access (for security), they must be surgically removed
(see Retrieving a Cortical Stack, p. 268). Cortical
stacks are extremely durable, requiring special effort
to damage or destroy. They are commonly recovered
from bodies that have otherwise been pulped or mangled.
Cortical stacks are intentionally isolated from
mesh inserts and other implants, as a security measure
to prevent hacking or external tampering. [Moderate,
but included for free with most morphs]

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