Cthulhutech Conversion Notes

Difference of Enlightened Mortals vs Normal Mortals

No Additional modifications needed

Cthulhutech Core Rule Book Pg 79:
Attributes can be increased to a maximum of 11 normally, but can be increased upto 20 if character is influenced by things of an otherworldly nature.

Sorcery and Thaumaturgy

  • Sorcery in the Game are mostly considered Thaumaturgy. With specific spells turning into Terrestrial Sorcery
  • Being Thaumaturgy standard rules regarding sorcery is unmodified

Mortals and Para-Psychics

  • Mortals are not allowed Para-Psychic Powers
  • Enlightened Mortals are the minimum requirement to be allowed to pick up Para-Psychic Assets
    • See Specific Enlightened Type Section for Limitations
    • In General
      • God-Blooded Types have 1 Secondary, 1 Tertiary
      • Enlightened Mortal Types have 1 Tertiary

Power Level difference between Enlightened Beings

  • True Exalted can use both Sorcery and Para-Psychics, others follow normal rules.

Unenhanced Protoss: Mortal

  • Naturally MDC but with Low Hit Points
  • SDC Strength and Damage

Enlightened Protoss Zealot: Engel Pilot/Implant

  • Their Cybernetic Implant/Conversion as if they are piloting an Engel

Enlightened Protoss Templar: Para-Psychic

  • Para-Psychic with Primary Power being Environmental Power

Fair Folk, Gods and Demons: Match to the various Exalted Types with additional Modifiers

  • Outsider Trait, which means they have double magic pool
  • Cannot be permanently killed via normal method, physical death is just banishment
  • Range from Beyond Solar Level to Enlightened Mortal, depending on how much power they can bring into the Mortal Plane.
  • Sorcery/Para-Psychic powers are not set in rules and dependent on invidials
  • Mostly MDC HP, some can be SDC
  • MDC/Hybrid/SDC Damage depending


Powerful Well Rounded Dhohanoid

Conversion Notes

  • 3x Starting Magic Pool (Form of Sanctified Asset)
  • Versatile Attribute Modifications
  • High Combat Capabilities/special abilities
  • Natural Max Stats is 20
  • Mecha Strength when Anima is displayed
  • MDC/Integrity Hit Points
  • Can access up to Rank 3 Sorcery
  • Chose 2 Primary School in Para-Psychic powers are chosen upon Exaltation
    • This means Solars have 2 Primary Schools, 1 Secondary School, and 1 Tertiary School.
  • Physical manifestation is just Anima Display
    • Akin to Desolate Ones (Vade Mecum, Pg. 122)
    • This makes Solars the all around most powerful beings of the Exalted Types
      • With Lunars being more powerful in Combat Situations due their higher Combat stats and slightly superior regeneration powers.

The Great Curse

Solars being the first slayers have the Greatest Curse inflicted upon them. The role-playing mechanics of the Curse needs no additional modification. However there are few minor changes.

  • They gain a limit whenever they resist/gain an Insanity Point.
  • Since there is no Virtues, the Solar just rolls a d10-2 and gain that many limit points upon Triggering.

General Powers

  • Like all Supernatural Beings, Solar have the same survival ability as Tegars and Dhohanoids.
  • Solars are immune to ordinary Insanity. Instead these are applied to Limit Break.
  • Being Supernatural Strength-ed Solars move and jump at double normal distance.
  • While Solars does not have insane regeneration rates of the Lunars (sometimes 2 dice) they have the second best regeneration.
    • The Average of their Strength and Tenacity divided by 5, rounded up.


  • All Solars have Totemic Anima that Flare out in 4 Circumstances
    • When they are under emotional turmoil
    • When they are Serious Hurt or Greater
    • When they actively spent 5 Oregon to Invoke it
    • When they expenditure Oregon on other powers to a total of 10 points in the same scene
    • When they use their Limit Powers
  • When the Anima is on display its light shows the true supernatural nature of the Solar. The light reveals via the Solar's shadow their true nature. The shadow is not that of the man, but the Supernatural being that he has become.
  • The Anima provides 1/1 Supernatural Armor value that is cumulative with any existing armor
  • The Anima makes their damage (regardless of the weapon's natural damage) into MDC/Integrity
    • The very being of a Solar imbues their surrounding with the might of the Sun of all Suns. All their Equipment becomes MDC. Thus their natural attacks are MDC as well as anything they pick up to use as weapon or wear as armor. They all become MDC/Integrity Scale.
      • A Solar can throw a ordinary baseball and it will puncture through a mecha as if its a cannon round.
  • The Anima makes their Strength into Mecha Strength Scale
  • The Anima increase their movement speed and jump distance by another magnitude (to 3x normal).

Supernatural Abilities

In addition to the Caste Powers Solars all have additional powers totemic to their being.



  • +5 and +4, distributed to Strength or Agility
  • Additional 6 points to distribute, no greater then +3, to rest of stats
  • Anima Power: When their Anima is out any enemy whose Tenacity is Lower than the Dawn's Presence + Intimidation (Skill value not Roll) looses 1 die on their attack roll against the Dawn due to Supernatural Fear.


  • +5 and +4, distributed to Tenacity or Presence
  • Additional 6 points to distribute, no greater then +3, to rest of stats
  • Anima Power: When the Zenith's awesome Anima is in display, any damage done to Outsiders1 by that Zenith caste cannot be healed via any means, be it regeneration, magic, or medicine, till the next Sunrise.


  • +5 and +4, distributed to Intelligence or Perception
  • Additional 6 points to distribute, no greater then +3, to rest of stats
  • Anima Power: When their Anima is in display, the Twilight Caste subtract their Tenacity Stat from all damage taken


  • +2 to every Stat
  • Anima Power: Eclipse Caste have the lowest attribute bonus total, and the lowest attribute bonus cap. In return they have arguably the best Anima Powers, and they have 2!!!
    • Eclipse Oath: Eclipse Caste can expend 10 Oregon and sanctify an agreement. The Oath is then enforced by the balances of the Universe. The process imparts perfectly comprehension of the Agreement and the party that break the agreement is doomed a horrible and poetic end. There are no second chances, oath breaking is an unavoidable doom that not even the Great Old Ones can stop.
    • Mimic: While all Solars can develop powers it is a rare and difficult process and most importantly only in the Scope of their Exalted Themes. Eclipse Castes are not bond by such limitations. They can develop/mimic Powers of any being - but they cannot develop this on their own; the Original Masters of the power have to show them how its done.
      • The development of such powers carries a 10 Exp Surplus
      • This does not apply to Anima Powers or Truly Unique Powers (such as the Lunar Shape-change Ability)
      • This also does not apply to anything the GM says it doesn't apply to.


  • +5 and +4, distributed to Agility or Perception
  • Additional 6 points to distribute, no greater then +3, to rest of stats
  • Anima Power: The Dark Shadowy Anima of the Night Castes grants them perfect anonymity. When their Anima is displayed, it enshrouds the Night Caste and obscures their identity from all means to gainsay it. This however does not erase prior knowledge. So anyone who witnesses the Solar invoking his Anima would still know underneath that disturbing shadow is the Solar. Since the Anima is still totemic to the Solar, this also means they can still be identified by the anima.


Powerful Tagers and/or Metamorphosis-ed

  • Normal Starting Magic Pool (Irregardless of Standard Game Rules, even those with Outsider Taint or Sanctified Assets)
  • Very High Combat Capabilities
  • Stat Bonus are mostly Physical Stats (Str, Ten, Per, Agi), non physical stat bonus rarely exceed +2
  • Natural Max Stats is 20
  • Can only access up to Celestial Circle Sorcery
  • Primary School in Para-Psychic powers have to be "Somatic Powers"
    • 1 Secondary Group, and rest is Tertiary
  • MDC Hit Points
    • Higher Regeneration Rate than any other Exalted Type
  • Hybrid Damage in "mortal form" MDC Damage in "War Form"
  • Physical manifestation is Monstrous War Form

Sidereal: Specialized Dhohanoids (like the Succubus Dhohanoid)

  • 2x Starting Magic Pool (Form of Outsider Taint Drawback)
  • Moderate Combat Abilities
  • Natural Max Stats is 20
  • Can only access up to Celestial Circle Sorcery
  • Primary School in Para-Psychic powers have to be "Manipulation Powers"
    • 1 Secondary Group, and rest is Tertiary
  • MDC Hit Points
  • Hybrid Damage when Anima is Out
  • Physical manifestation is just Anima Display of Color Hues and Strange Improbable Effects near by (like Tav'ern Effect in Wheel of Time)

Dragon-Blooded: Weak Tagers

  • Standard Starting Magic Pool
  • Moderate Combat Abilities
  • Natural Max Stats is 20
  • Can only access up to Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • Do not have Primary Para-Psychic Power, has 2 Secondary and 2 Tertiary Group
  • MDC Hit Points (Do not get the +5 Default Bonus for Vitality)
  • Hybrid Damage when Anima is Out
  • Physical manifestation is turning into Elemental Form, E.g. a body of Rock/Granite/Lava, body of Water, Air, etc.


  • Can use Sorcery (modification to Default Rule Set that Everyone can use magic rule)
  • Max Stats is 20
  • Can not use True Sorcery
  • 1 Secondary Para-Psychic Group, and 1 Tertiary Group
  • Maybe MDC HP or SDC HP
  • Maybe Hybrid or SDC Damage
  • Physical manifestation is a weaker form of their Parent Type

Enlightened Mortals

  • Max Stats is still 11
  • Can not use True Sorcery
  • Can only have Thaumaturgy or Para-Psychic Powers, not both.
  • Only have access to 1 Tertiary Para-Psychic Power Group
  • Physical manifestation is same as Outersider Flaw

Exalted Background Conversions


Gods know that worship gives them power. Your character also learned this lesson and has worshipers who honor her as their patron goddess. It doesn't matter if the character's worshipers love or fear her. What matters is that they make regular offerings and prayers to her. However, cults based upon love endure far longer when facing oppression or persecution. If you actively aid your worshipers, your cult will grow and spread. However, Most Governments actively destroy all non-legalized cults.

Trait Effects
You have a small but devoted cult. Perhaps a halfdozen full-time priests or nuns tend a few shrines and make offerings to you. You regain 1 additional mote of Oragon Per Hour.
•• The members of one large community or several small ones worship you. Several hundred people make daily prayers and small offerings to you. Your Drama Dice Pool is increased by 1 (usually to 11) and you also regain 2 additional motes of Oragon per hour from worship.
••• You are venerated in a large region. Several thousand people daily seek your favor or forbearance. (Characters who are god-kings of a single city have this level of worship.) Your Drama Dice Pool is increased by 2 (usually to 12). You regain 3 additional motes of Essence per hour from the power of the cult. Rumor of your worship is abundant in the region.
•••• Vast populations of an entire system honors you. Tens of thousands revere you as one of their primary deities. Regional festivals in your name draw merchants and traders from surrounding lands. You may have a city sacred to you where you rule either symbolically or in truth. Your Drama Dice Pool is increased by 3 (usually to 13) and your cult gives you 4 additional Essence motes per hour. The Powers that be certainly knows of your cult and most likely will soon attempt to destroy you.
••••• You are worshipped in an entire region of the Galaxy. Here, you are the deity of some major sphere of life such as hunting, war or procreation. The people hold seasonal festivals in your honor, children bear your name, and many claim that their actions are done to aid you and your cult. Your Drama Dice pool is increased by 4 (usually to 14), and you regain 6 motes per hour from the constant prayers. The Protoss certainly knows of your existence and will soon mobilize against you. Even other Ancient Cults grow weary of your growing infulence.

CthulhuTech Conversion Rules

Setting Conversions

Carapace of Judgement

The Following Section have been superceeded by the Item Page with Converted Stats: Carapace of Judgement

  • Armor function as Very Powerful Nephilim System (Mortal Remains, Pg. 80)
    • SDC
    • Sentient
    • With the same violent tendencies and short comings of such things
  • Immune to Armor Attrition as the Outside Being regenerates all damage
  • Because Flawless Oak is Solar (and thus always MDC) this armor would become MDC when he wears it
  • Unmovable ability can just be modified versions of Wraith's Ability
    • Except it applies to MDC and Combat as well

Ancient Enemies, Pg. 82

Once choosing to stand its ground, a Wraith is very difficult to move. Nothing of Vitality-scale can move it. Anything hitting a Wraith at speeds of ten to thirty miles an hour takes one die worth of Hybrid Damage. Anything hitting a Wraith at speeds of 30 to 60 miles an hour takes two dice worth of Hybrid Damage, while the Wraith takes one die (armor cannot reduce). Anything hitting a Wraith at speeds of 60 to 120 miles an hour takes three dice worth of Hybrid Damage, while the Wraith takes one die (armor cannot reduce). This ability reaches its maximum effectiveness at 120+ miles an hour, where the target takes five dice worth of Hybrid Damage, while the Wraith takes two dice (armor cannot reduce).

At no time, under any circumstances, can a Wraith be knocked down or moved, unless it wishes to be. However, its inertial abilities do not defend it against normal combat, where all the usual rules apply. Its abilities do apply to falling, where it always takes half damage.

Tennabum and Laurie

Core Book, Pg. 103

Drawbacks: Outsider Tainted (4)
Somewhere in your Character’s past, his lineage mixed with something else. Whether it is corruption through sorcery, exposure to the power of the Old Ones, or tampering by an alien or supernatural species, his blood has been tainted by the Outsiders. Unlike most other Drawbacks, those who are Outsider Tainted also gain benefit – they begin with twice as much Orgone as normal. However, they are classified as a threat by the New Earth Government and if discovered as such would be arrested, incarcerated, and possibly experimented upon. Their condition is detectable by genetic scan, which makes it difficult to get into arcologies. This can render a Character unplayable in stories where black market or criminal contacts don’t feature prominently. Those with an Outsider Taint also manifest some sort of physical trait that reveals their origin – they may have unnatural eyes, nictitating membranes, extra digits, unnatural cravings, vestigial claws, hentai genitalia, or the like. Characters with the Outsider Tainted Drawback also cannot bond with a Tager – it would devour them instantly – and a Synthesis Interface is useless, as Engels won’t let them inside.

  • Tennabum's mark is Skullator's Face and her craving to implement nasty experiments.
  • Lauri's mark is her disturbingly strange behavior
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