Samus Aran
Enlightened God-Blooded Daughter of character:ahlat

All shall be well, father. I will not fail you.

Samus Aran is the name she used in the outside world. Her real name is Tricia, "the Heifer", Helfer. She is the God-Blooded Daughter of Ahlat and a member of the Brides of Ahlat Sisterhood

She started her mission by enlisted in the Galactic Federation Police, constantly on the watch for unexplained occurrences. She was soon discharged because of disagreements with her commanding officer Adam Malkovich. Samus then started working as a freelance bounty hunter, and is called on by the Galactic Federation to execute missions "because of her superior skills and sense of justice". Most of her missions revolved around getting rid of unsavory elements specializing in mysterious lifeforms.

Member of the Ahlat Faction


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Notable Possessions

  • The Horny Bride: is a reminder of home and an inside joke for those who are in the know. After all she is a Bride of Ahlat. While she is no longer allowed to wear the sacred raiment of her faith the ship has taken the place of the horned turban that identifies her as such.
    • It was granted to her by Ahlat's hand and is of the "Hunter" Class Bounty Hunter Gunship that is primarily used for rapid transport. It originally came with only commercial weapons, but like all bounty hunters, Samus over the years has modified it with salvages and blackmarket parts.
  • The Zero Suit: The under-armor of the Astartes Suit is just another version of the Aegis-Insert Amulet that are often intergrated into Gunshosa Commando's Equipment. It lower attunement cost by 4, and allows Unelightented Beings to use their life essence to attune a Gunshosa Commando Armor. As long as the armor is attuned these brave (or foolish) unenlightened beings age at double the normal rate.
    • Tricia is Enlightened Being so she does consume life force to attune
  • Ancient Astartes Suit: Samus' Armor is an Orichalcum Gunshosa Commando Armor is from the Mythical Age. It was reserved by Ahlat long before his demotion and exile. Originally saved for the impossible chance that an Solar will exalt in his domain. The years did not prove kind and the harsh conditions levied upon him by the victorious Yozis are slowly strangling him. He placed his gamble on his most promising warriors and sent them out into Creation as best armed as he could manage.
    • The Armor while is not "electrical" it is essentially a 6'7" Powered Armor
    • Control Response (Agility) +1, Sensors (Perception) +1, Frame (Strength) 2, Multi-Task Systems (Actions) 0, Warning Systems (Reflex) +1
    • Integrity 7, Armor 2/2 +1/1 from Essence Field, Damage Control Systems 1/turn
    • The Essence Canon of the suit deals Integrity Damage: Range 30, +4 DMG, Shots 1/2, Rounds Infinite, SF Code: M

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