First Mate Remer sometimes share Captain Cylpso's bed. To Cylpso this is just a physical relationship, it is unclear whether Remer is equally indifferent. As the years dragged on and fleet support broke down Remer have acted as buffer between the Cold and Distance Cylpso and the increasingly dissident crew. The lack of supplies, lack of correct crew rotation allowed the New Prisoner Flawless Oak to build up a cult of personality. Remer at first fought desperately to prevent this until a crew coming back from R&R brought with her the virulent and cureless Cerulean Plague. In matter of days the whole ship was ill, and as the crew lay dying it was Flawless Oak who brought forth a miracle cure. The prisoners did not take the chance to escape, instead they remained to make sure everyone was safe. By the time they nursed everyone back to health the window of escape as passed.

After that day Remer no longer struggled to prevent the crew from bending the line.

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