Kaylee, "Bubbles," Frye
The Mechanic, Enlightened Human of Unknown Origin

Kaylee: (pointing to a pink frilly dress) "Say, look at the fluffy one!"
Zoe: "Too much foofaraw. If I'm going to wear a dress, I'd want something with some slink."



  • Member of the Powder Puff Girls, call sign "Bubbles"
  • Kaylee is revealed to be a Technological Genius and currently helping Flawless Oak with figuring out the Reality Engine.
  • Kaylee has slight Nymphomaniac tendencies
  • Kaylee has the "Telemechanics" (Unique Third Rank Sensory Power)
    • Combination of Empathy (Bonus applies to Tests for Repairing Non-Organic Machines) and Retrocognition (Applies to the machine and what it was used for)
    • It is possible that Kaylee's Nymphomaniac Tendency is result of this power erupting.
  • Kaylee is not a Para-Psychic or a Zoner, she has no other power and can learn no other power.
    • Even Telemechanics is not a power and more of an natural ability. The fact that she does not know she has it and the power operates on a subconscious level means her opportunities of improving it via Exp is limited.
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