Inara, "Blossom", Serra
The Ambassador, Enlightened Human via Ascetic Training

Inara Serra: I'd have to say, this is the first time we've had a preacher on board.
Book: Well, I wasn't expecting to see a state official either. Ambassador. {shakes her hand as Mal laughs.} I'm missing something funny.
Kaylee: Not so funny.
Inara: Ambassador is Mal's way of—
Mal: She's a whore, Shep.
Kaylee: The term is companion.
Mal: I always get those mixed up. How's business?
Inara: None of yours.



  • Member of the Powder Puff Girls, call sign is "Blossom"
  • Like Jor-El Inara is from the Core Worlds. Though the reason of her presence in the Threshold is unknown
  • Inara instantly recognize Jor-El's mannerism and speech pattern as Kryptonian
    • She knows enough about the Core World politics to stay clear of a mysterious Kryptonian wandering the Threshold. One never know how deep the Great Game goes.
    • She does not know nor suspect that Jor-El is an "El". She assumes that Jor-El is member of a small family who was too talented for his own good - and driven out into the Threshold by more powerful rivals.
  • Using her skills Inara quickly became friendly with Tyr.
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