People's Rock
Mortal inspired by Flawless Oak's presence and joined the crew and successfully underwent the Solar Cult Ritual.

Flawless Oak: Mr. Rock!
People's Rock: Yes, sir?
Flawless Oak: You're aware of the name of this ship, aren't you Mr. Rock?
People's Rock: Very aware, sir!
Flawless Oak: It bears a proud name, doesn't it, Mr. Rock?
People's Rock: Very proud, sir!
Flawless Oak: It represents fine people.
People's Rock: Very fine people, sir!
Flawless Oak: Who strives for a fine, outstanding goal.
People's Rock: Outstanding, sir!
Flawless Oak: Serving the greatest god in the entire universe.
People's Rock: In the entire universe, sir!
Flawless Oak: And what is that name, Mr. Rock?
People's Rock: The Black Pearl, sir!

The First Recruit of Flawless Oak is Mr Dwayne Johnson, previous known as The Corporate Rock. Who has now adopted the moniker "The People's Rock."

Flawless Oak saw great potential in Dwayne and gave him the option to struggle for the people and maybe one day topple the godly beings that rule the galaxy.

  • Knows how to Cook, and like to use the lead in "Can you smell what the Rock's Cookin'?"
  • Prefers solid slug weapons
  • A true showmen (charismatic and is decent with performance and presence skills)
  • [Session 08] The People's Rock seems to be fully devoted in his new profession and has used his Presence to great effect. The doubt and boredom have been converted to patriotism and devotion and a fierce sense of purpose.

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