King Tiger Mask

King Tiger Mask and the Orphans

  • A contestant in the Kumate who was blackmailed to take a fall. He joined the contest in the hopes of earning the prize money and use it to built an orphanage. Caught inbetween the power struggle between McMann the father and McMann the son, his orphans was kidnapped and used as leverage against him.
  • The plot was discovered by Tyr and he asked his father Flawless Oak for help. The Children were rescued and Flawless Oak's winnings from Tyr's victory was invested in a Trust. Insuring that King Tiger Mask's dream of helping the orphans will be a reality.
  • King Tiger Mask swore the Eclipse oath to use the money to help Orphans.
  • Tiger Mask and the Orphans were educated in the ways of proper worship by Persephone and thoroughly entered the Solar Cult of Flawless Oak and Tyr.

NPC Quest: Someone Think Of The Children

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