The Eastern Rim World Goddess of Inhabitable Spheres, put there by an Asgard Promotion. She gained Asgard favor by delivering the location of the Night Caste Solar who held Tyr's essence. This was few centuries ago and she still consider Asgards in her debt. She was then given the artifact:influenceamplifier and set as magistrate over an entire sector.

Few month ago an Asgardian agent - Admiral Blah Blah, came and took the Amplification Crystal (Soul Crystal holding Tyr's Spark). Soon after the Zerg invaded and no help was sent. It wasn't until the Solar arrived that the planet was saved. She joined the crew after Flawless Oak took an Eclipse Oath that he had no hostile intentions towards her unless she crosses them.

  • Flawless Oak gained Persephone's "trust" after they swore the Eclipse Oath that he means her no harm as long as she does the same.
  • Flawless Oak does not hold her responsible for the betrayal of another Solar - for he does not have any memory of kinship with them.
  • Having been abandoned by the Asgards, and knowing she is already tainted in their eyes because she was saved by Flawless Oak, Persephone have hedged her bets on Solars winning yet again. She became an ally of Flawless Oak and now travels with him.
  • [Session 08] When Chaos exploded into Creation with the arrival of Judgement of Carrion the only other person who realize the severity of the situation is Persephone. However Flawless Oak's adamant determination seems to give her sense of hope at last. She was asked by Flawless Oak to invoke the Prayers of Denerium and channel it to the Flawless Oak pantheon. The trickle of Essence may make the difference between defeat and victory.
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