Possible Half-"Angel"

"A odd girl who came with the Ship and accepted into the Crew. She was accepted by Flawless Oak as student in the art of Magitech since she showed some aptitude maintaining the ship. Lauri is supernaturally lucky and can accurately make guesses that turn out to be dead on and things tend to turn out best for her - a zergling larva even followed her around like a pet. Laurie also invoked the name of Uriel, Archangel of Purity and drove away the Zergs when she was cornered on the Planet Blah Blah.

  • She is not a mercenary crew like Valentine and Associates. She actually came with the Ship.
  • Has extraordinary luck
  • Lacking in common social normalities, but is quite friendly.
  • Very good with machines. Recognizing her talent, Flawless Oak have became her Sensei in the Magitech Arts
  • [Session 08] No special precaution and instructions were left for Laurie, though Flawless Oak did see her in private before his departure. He assured her of his inevitable return. "

Laurie is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, with a poke-a-dot ribbon, and socks that don't match.

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