Brigit Tenenbaum, Dr.
Ghost-Blooded or possibly Abyssal-Half-Caste

Found on the Planet of the Solar Ruin. Joined the Crew because Flawless Oak offered her protection for her cooperation in finding a cure for the plague. It was true love at first sight, for her, when she bore witness to Flawless Oak's force of personality and godly appearance.

  • Has little compassion in her, though she is not evil.
  • Love at first sight with Flawless Oak and is playing a futile game to become his "wife."
  • [Session 08] With Tyr's abscence Flawless Oak have asked ms. Tenenbaum to be the presenter of the Plague Cure to the Nobles of the Landsmeet. "

Recruited through a series of dummy organizations and mercenary outfits, Dr Tenenbaum was hired to research rumors of a biological super drug. Unknown to her, her direct employer, the entire expedition was funded by one Jax-Ur of Krypon who has been flooding the rim worlds with research projects searching thus far vainly to recreate or find another being cable of manipulating the technology that he glimpsed at in the work of Jor-El.

NPC Quest: quest:dr-tenenbaum-i-presume

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