Skillfull Heroic Mortal, Commander of the Core Space Defensive Force's Supermax Containment Vessel - The Atlanta.

When your skill > political acumen > tact you get assigned to the Containment Vessel; where careers go to die.

The matter of fact Captain Cylpso is a career soldier.  She is a hard woman and lack the compromising nature needed to advance in the treacherous Core Space Defensive Force.  Her assignment to the Atlanta is not a reflection of her value but as an end to her career.  In the ass end of nowhere forever orbiting a black hole - appropriate mirror of her career.

Even in trying to hold herself aloof from her prisoners she was not strong enough to resist Flawless Oak's charms.  Her loyalties to Asgard held however, and it was the senseless slaughter of her crew that sent her over to Flawless Oak's side. 

Notable Skills(3) Intimidation, Law Enforcement, Munitions, Security,

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