Carapace of Judgement

Total Armor Bonuses
ü Cannot Dash nor Swim
ü Stealth attempts automatically fail
ü Jump Distances are Halved
ü perfectly defends the wearer from all active attempts to slow, stop, or deflect his movements. This blanket protection applies to physical limitations as well as mental, internal as well as external.
ü +5 (Essence Score) dice to Feats of Strength, Clinch, and Damage (After all Multipliers have been applied)
ü Half all Attunement Costs, rounded down. Minimum of 1.
ü The Armor itself is immune to all Wyld Shaping Effects
ü Adds the Wearer's Conviction in automatic successes (or DV) against any Shaping Effect.
ü 3 Hearthstone Sockets

Soak: +20L/20B
Hardness: 10L/10B
Mobility: -6
Fatigue: 5
Attune: 8
Material Bonus: +2L/2B Soak, +1L/1B Hardness

Hulking Frame
The armor is huge - designed for someone no less than 7’7”. Its 6 inch thick plates are made completely of Infernal Orichalcum and weights around 8 TONS!!!! Without attunement it is simply too heavy to move. The magic of attunement and its magitech servos allow the wear to move at normal speed. Even with such enhancements the weight of the armor is still too massive, and the wearer simply cannot Dash nor Swim. Jump distances are similarly affected to half its normal distances. These modifiers are in addition to the crippling Mobility and Fatigue penalty of the armor. This means without some means of lower Mobility Penalty, a Solar with Strength of 5 and Athletics of 5 can only jump 6 feet vertically and 12 feet horizontally, instead of the normal 24 feet high and 48 feet long for regular super-heavy plate. .

Servo Mechanicus (+Essence Score (5) to all feats of strength, damage, clinch attack, and clinch control dice pools (After all Multipliers have been applied) )

The armor’s massive weight is partially alleviated by its magitech servos, thus granting it the much reduced mobility penalty of -6. These servos are clockwork and thus their screech, clicks, exhausts, combined with the earth shaking steps of the armor makes Stealth attempts impossible. These servos are incredibly potent and combined with the sheer mass of the armor adds the the wearer’s Essence Score to all feats of strength, damage, clinch attack, and clinch control dice pools. These bonuses are added after all multipliers and dividers have been applied to the dice pools.

Armor of the Golden Custodian of the East, Armor of Horus

Blasted into 4 pieces by the Emperor of Mankind.

  • Chest Piece - Armor of Edrick (Hagar bay )
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Helm - Crown of King Richard (Robin Hood)
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