Character Summary


Adaptability +10 modifier per level for Integration Tests and Alienation Tests

Mods that came with Ghost:

Basic Biomods
Basic Mesh Inserts
Chameleon Skin +20 modi er to In ltration
Cortical Stack
Adrenal Boost nore the –10 modi er from 1 wound and temporarily increases REF by +10
Enhanced Vision +20 modi er to all Perception Tests involving vision
Grip Pads +250 cred for non obvious, +30 Climbing

Emergency Farcaster 20,000
Oxygen Reserve 250
Direction Sense 250
Echolocation 250
Enhanced Hearing 250 +20 modi er to all Perception Tests involving hearing
Enhanced Smell 250
Eidetic Memory 250
Bioweave Armor(light) 250 Armor rating of 2/3
Enhanced Phermones 250 +10 modifer to appropriate Social skill tests, such as Persuasion
Muscle Augmentation 5000 Apply a +5 modi er to SOM
Toxin Filters 1000
Vacuum Sealing 1000
Eletrical Sense 250 +10 modi er on any test involving analyzing, repairing, or modifying electrical equipment.
Radiation Sense 250
T-Ray Emitter 250
Oxygen Reserve 250
Skinlink 1000
Temperature Tolerance 250
Relfex Booster 20,000 REF by +10 and improves Speed by +1
Neurachem 5000 +1 Speed activated
Enhanced Respiration 250
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