Ben, of the Black Magiks
Alchemical Half-Caste (e.g. has implants)
  • Creepy in Appearance and Slimy in Demeanor
  • Survivor of a fringe world devastated by war (Fallout Universe like)
  • Was taken by Asgard when he took a ride in his Friend's Ship and placed in the prison for extremely dangerous individuals (The Atlanta)
    • The ship is actually his friend
    • The ship is actually an essence 7+ Alchemical who turned into City Mode
  • Like most people who has been around The Flawless Oak for long time, he is desperately afraid of failing the Glorious Krytopian.
    • 2 Dot Henchmen of Flawless Oak
  • His callous and slimy exterior hides a heart of gold. The main reason why Flawless Oak likes his company.
    • Took pity on a girl whom he has never seen before and convinced Flawless Oak to take her in as part of Tyr's Aide-de-camps.
    • Uncharacteristically tried to save Tyr by putting himself in the line of fire, of the Judgement of Carrion of all things.
  • Seems to have had prior experience with the Judgement of Carrion
  • [Session 08] Ben's location is unknown, but Flawless Oak believes if they can pass the trial and repair the Reality Engine all will be well.
  • [Session 08] Flawless Oak believes that Ben is the "only one person has ever escaped the Ship."

Based on the "Techno Mages" from B5, Ben's a techno mage that never quite completed his training, or initiation before disaster struck

NPC Quest: The Heist, The Sting

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