Carapace of Judgement
5 Dot Artifact with its own awoken least god "Carapace of Judgement (Chaos Tainted Entity)" as Sentience

Old Exalted Stats: Carapace of Judgement (Artifact • • • • • )

Blood for the Blood God!
Skull for the Skull Throne!!

Help me Flawless Oak, you are my only hope!

This Tactical Dreadnaught Armor was once a holy relic designed to take upon the aspect of its master. How it arrived on Judgment of Carrion is unknown, but its exposure to eons of Deep Wyld and the insidious energy of Chaos has slowly infused it with their natural corruption. It's body and mind may be corrupt but the soul is still retains a spark of its former glory; and in its darkest hour it sensed a spark of hope.


  • It's Least God is a full blown Terrestrial God, Carapace of Judgement (Chaos Tainted Entity)
    • Jor-El refers to the Goddess via the shorten name of "Judgement"
  • The armor is useless to someone who is not of sufficient size
  • Can only be attuned by Solars or their corrupted kin (Infernals and Abyssals).
  • [Brendo]: I was thinking more alone the lines of like you said, it adopts some of the aspects of the wearer. but over a long long time. So the armor started out good. Just like the ship, and over time, with the corrupting influence of malfeas, and the wild. It is what it is now.
  • Taking advantage of the Deep Wyld infusion during the transition between Questing Zones, Flawless Oak took the opportunity to undergo a Vision Quest. He was shown the sorrow history of this glorious artifact and heard the calling of its lease god – "Help me Jor-El… you're my only hope!"
  • [Session 01] The Armor was successfully exorcised and the Mark of Khorne was purged - ending the Warp Corruption of the Blood Rage that radiates from the Armor in palpable torrents.

Armor Stats

Scale: Vitality Scale (However, Solar's MDC Powers would make this armor Integrity Scale)
Armor: +4/4 (Immune to Armor Attrition, not lowered by wound levels)
Fear Factor: 14 without Chaos Ornament, 28 with Mark of Khorne and full Regalia.
Attunment: 5+1


Greater Daemon of Khorne

Akin to Engels and Tegars the Armor will opeate on its own when its master is unconscious or otherwise unable to respond to the situation. However, this is no mindless monster out for self-preservation and rage. This is the Carapace of Judgement, a ancient member of the Pantheon of Khorne, a God in her own Right - though one that is slowly fighting back against the corruption of the New Enemy under the auspices of the pure light of Flawless Oak. Being an naturally extra-dimensional being, the Armor is very similar to a Tegar, and can be displaced in/returns to the Other Planes when not needed.

  • A Terrestrial God corrupted by Chaos, Carapace of Judgement (Chaos Tainted Entity).
  • The Armor is a permanent link to the Chaos of the Immaterium and being such weakens the spiritual strength of all who wears it.
    • The Edge of Insanity is constant companion to one who attunes the armor and their cap for Sanity Death is lowered by 2. In the case of Exalted it means they limit break at 8 as opposed to 10.
  • Can be put into Dimensional Storage and recalled in the same manner that a Tegar can summon their symbionts.

Artifact of "Creation"

The armor is more ancient than [current] time, and is operates on a principle that is long since made invalid by the remake of existence itself. Like those of her time, the armor is a symbiote that thrives on the Anima Harmony it achieves when ritually unified with its user. The armor not only becomes a natural extension of the wearer' will and body and the two is now considered a spiritual singularity - without the limitation of its size and such. Should the union wills it, powers that requires touch would function through the armor would work without taking off the gauntlet. Similarly if the Union wishes it effects that teleport the wearer (with or without his equipment) would teleport the wearer and the armor - as if the armor is a natural part of his body.

  • Commitment of 6 Oregon is needed for Attunment
    • Originally 5, +1 after integrating the Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light
  • Armor cannot be used without attunement, it won't even open so that it can be worn.
    • Attunment is an expensive and delicate process. The difficulty of the Union is based on the power level of the Artifact. 1 Dot Artifact takes 1 hour ritual to attune and has a difficulty of Easy, each additional dot doubles the time of the previous and raise the difficulty by 1. Attunment also requires a commitment of Essence and on average costs 1 mote per dot of the artifact.
      • So a 2 dot Artifact will have 2 hour Ritual and be at difficulty Average. 3 Dot Artifact will take 4 hours and be at difficulty Challenging. 4 Dot Artifact will take 8 hours and be at difficulty Hard. 5 Dot artifact will take 16 hours and be at difficulty Incredibly Hard.
    • The Attunement Ritual is not a Personal Ritual and cannot be performed as a group.
    • Attuned item is harmonized with the Wearer and granting its master access to its powers
      • Most powers of Artifacts require attunement before it can be [safely] used
    • Attuned object, to the benefit of the wearer/artifact, is considered natural part of the wearer both spiritually and physically

Hulking Frame

The armor is huge - designed for someone no less than 7’7”. Its 6 inch thick plates are made completely of golden organic material that are incredibly dense. The total weight of the armor is nearly 8 tons. Physics limits the wearer to Half-Movement Rate and an acceleration class of E. Without addition of Jet Pack or other forms of mobility, even with the enhanced servos of the armor, it can only jump as a Tiny Mecha and cannot swim at all. The immovable nature of the armor however is not due to its weight.

  • Cannot be feasibly worn without attunement
  • Acceleration Class E (3 rounds to reach full speed from 0 movement or to decrease from full speed to zero movement)
  • Cannot Swim
  • Stealth attempts automatically fail
  • Jump Distances is 2 yards across or 1 vertical

Servo Mechanicus
The armor’s massive weight is partially alleviated by its Arcanotech servos. These servos are Arcanotech from an beygone age and is better and more elegant in every sense. These steampunkish constructions screech, clicks, fumes and exhausts, combined with the earth shaking steps of the armor makes Stealth attempts impossible. These servos are incredibly potent and combined with the sheer mass of the armor adds 1 die to all Strength based tests (including Damage). The servos are stuck in the middle between Mecha and Personal Armor and thus doubles the lift capacity of the wearer and thrown distance - as opposed to 4000 lb per Frame Stat.

The armor's massive servos also supports the wearer and makes up any difference due to his wound levels and thus ignoring the penalties imposed.

  • +1 die to all Strength Based Tests (including Damage)
  • Ignores the Movement Penalties due to Wound Levels
  • Double Lift Capacity and Throw Distance

The armor is a reality anchor and cannot be knocked down or moved against its will by anything smaller than a moon. This certainty of existence works both on the physical and the supernatural level. Just as they cannot be physically moved, the armor and the wearer cannot be forced into Alternate Dimensions against their will either.

Unfortunate things that crash into the armor will be subjected to the effect of hitting something that will not move out of the way - either be flattened and/or bounce off. Those who ram into the armor at a speed of 10-30 mph takes 1 die of Hybrid Damage. Anything at 30-60 mph takes 2 dice worth of Hybrid Damage. Anything that hit with a speeds of 60-120 mph takes 3 dice worth of Hybrid Damage. Anything that crashes at a higher speed will "only" takes 5 dice worth of Hybrid Damage. In all these circumstances the wearer of the armor takes half the number of dice (rounded down) in damage as well. These crash damages cannot be soaked by armor.

The inability to be moved also applies to being stopped as well, but to a lesser degree. Once in motion, the wear becomes all but impossible to stop. Once at full speed, anything that gets in its way is dealt 2 dice + Close Combat Damage Bonus worth of Hybrid Damage. This means the wearer is fully capable of bursting through most vehicles, walls, and knocking most powered armor and Integrity-scale creatures out of the way, and ram through large structure and vehicles – those who wish to remain balanced must succeed at a Hard Tenacity Feat Test to remain standing. Anything knocked over loses its next two Actions, which can reduce the number of Actions it can take to zero.

Unlike being crashed into, the wearer takes no damage from such collisions.

  • Cannot be moved against the wearer's will by anything smaller than a moon
  • Cannot be forced into alternate dimensions against their will
  • Those who crash into the armor takes damage
  • Additional damage when ramming things

Additions and Modifications

The Seal of Dawn's Cleansing Light

  • Legendary Achievement and one of the Elements that made the sucessful Exorcism of the Carapace possible
  • Place Holder for Powers
    • Original Powers of the Pendent
      • Keeps the wearer clean from any environmental source. He can swim in the sewer and come out as clean as if he swam in fresh mineral spring.
      • Attunment cost is 1 points of Oregon
      • Unless delibertely done so, the wearer will never appear unkept. His hair will be perfect even if he just had a rump in the hay pile. His cloth will be perfectly pressed and fresh even thought he just ran a marathon in the amazon jungle.
      • This magic however does not protect him vs physical violence, so his cloth can still be torn and ripped, but any blood he shed will not stain his cloth.
      • This cleansing magic grants the wearer +4 bonus to resist any disease or poison.

Hymns to the Most High
Inscribed on the carapace in the language of truth (old realm) are the hymns sung to the Ancient God Rao - the Sun god of Krypton and Patron of house El. These ancient prayer fused with Solar Essence and given physical form by an adamant circle magus forms a layer of warding that infuses the armor with the golden divinity inherent in all Solars. It is designed as a barrier against taint and also serves to give aid to the struggling consciousnesses within the armor a fighting chance.

  • Legendary Achievement and one of the Elements that made the sucessful Exorcism of the Carapace possible
  • Place Holder for Powers

Behemoth Mantle
Sized for Flawless Oak, this deep matted royal purple mantle made of behemoth hair is capped by thick Behemoth Hide at the shoulders, trimmed in black Behemoth Fur. The mantle sparkles with a sparkling purple sheen when under the starlight of the open sky. The mantle is a trophy made from the Fairfolk Behemoth that Flawless Oak defeated in the Judgement of Carrion.

  • It can be used like a shield, but instead of just providing armor bonus, it simply absorbs damage from its integrity pool.
  • The Mantle has no armor rating, and has a pool of 20 integrity.
  • It has no damage levels and regenerates 1 point every combat turn.
  • As long as its bone clasp and hide shoulders are not completely destroyed the cape will regenerate at a rate of 2 integrity points per hour.
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