Atlanta Faction
  • A Super-Max prison barge of Core World Technology
  • Orbiting around a Black Hole (Pin points of Oblivion) with orders to jettison the prison block should containment seem remotely unlikely.
  • The whole ship turned renegade when it became evident that Core Space Defensive Fleet Command have marked them for execution - without charges or trial. This betrayal finally ripped asunder the oath of service they all swore. When the choice was given that they can try to Escape on their own, or to follow Flawless Oak, the entire crew - from captain down to the cook - without hesitation decided to follow Flawless Oak.
  • The Atlanta was traveling the Threshold gathering the families of the Crew
    • Most crew have no doubt chose to stay with their love ones on board as opposed to dropping the families off
    • Few were put at "safe" locations of their choosing, away from foci of Core Space Defense Force strongholds
    • Eventually these families will be relocated to Crossroad Keep
  • Currently filled to the brim with Alchemical Fire Mixtures meant for the Hive Fleet
  • With no plans to go after the Hive Fleet these powerful explosives will probably be stored for future use on a planet somewhere

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