Essence 1 Heroic Familiar of Leathal Potential

Tyr / Alabaster
Fragment, of which do you speak
Nothing left to chance

Stats based on the Domestic Cat Familiar in Core Rule Book Page 195
Allegiance: Flawless Oak
Scale: Integrity
Attributes: Agility 11, Intellect 7, Perception 8, Presence 6, Strength 8, Tenacity 9
Secondary Attributes: Actions 10, Orgone 13, Reflex 10
General Skills: Athletics: Expert (4), Observation: Adapt (3), Stealth: Expert (4), Survival: Novice (2)
Combat Skills: Dodge: Adapt (3), Fighting: Adept (3)
Weapons: Razor Sharp Retractable Claws (+0), Shark Like Bite (+1)
Close Quarter Damage Bonus: +1 Die
Integrity: 13
Regeneration: Special (See Notes Below)
Armor: 0/0
Fear Factor: 10
Senses: Acute Hearing, Acute Smell & Taste, Nightvision
Movement & Speed: Land [18 mph (44/10 ypt)]

  • Note: Cait Sidhe does not regenerate damage in the Combat Turn Scale, but he still heals incredibly fast. Reform at Flawless Oak's side in a matter of days even if he was vaporized.
  • Note: Cait Sidhe provides Flawless Oak 5 motes of Essence when he is in physical contact with Flawless Oak. This 5 motes comes out of his own Essence Pool (13).
  • Note: Cait Sidhe being a familiar can share one of his senses at a time to Flawless Oak in a range of 100 yards.
  • Note: Cait Sidhe is a fragment of his master's nature and thus shares most of the physical powers of his master. This means he has +5 to Strength, Tenacity, +5 to Vitality, MDC Being, Double Movement, Immune to Environmental Damage.
    • Brendo need to make a determination if he has the Perfect Soak Ability that Flawless Oak have.
  • Note: Cait Sidhe can rise in Power via its own side-quest line.
  • Note: GM have implied that Cait Sidhe’s cap in power is that of a Lower Echelon Old One, though that is without doubt not in the scope of the game.
  • Note: Cait Sidhe is actually a sentient being – and not just merely a preternaturally cunning animal. He has the same intelligence as enlightened mortal.
    • He however can only communicate via noises, postures and expressions. He doesn’t possess the capacity for speech – at least not yet.
  • Note: Cait Sidhe usually lay across Flawless Oak’s shoulder lazily like a shawl.
  • Note: Cait Sidhe’s third eye is normally closed and while so is nearly invisible because it blends in with his patterning. The Third Eye has the capacity to see raw Essence things – thus he can identify supernatural creatures similar to Tagers, See Wards, See things made invisible by magical means, and invisible beings such crossed over extra-dimensional presences. This is often the sense that is shared with Flawless Oak.
    • Core Rule Book pg 171: Tagers, regardless of form, have the ability to detect Dhohanoids (and other Tagers) in their mortal guise. By spending one minute carefully observing a person, and succeeding at a challenging Observation Test, a Tager can figure out whether or not he’s watching a monster.
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