Ahlat Faction

One of the truly mighty god of the past, Ahlat at the height of his power had thoroughly indoctrinated a quarter of Creation. One of the most stubbornly loyal henchmen of the Unconquered Sun and a firm supporter of the Solars - second only to Leeayata. This close bond with the Chosen One ensured his place in the Celestial Order and after the Copper Spiders had their way, at the end of the 4th age, he became the God of Interplanetary Commerce and the coveted Chair of The Divine Witnesses of Human Works and Deeds (aka The Bureau of Humanity)! It is also in this time his form changed into its current, more human, form.

As punishment for his staunch support of the patricidal Unconquered Sun, Malfeas demoted him back to the God of Walrus Mating. He then altered Creation to make the Heart of Walrus a wonderous aphrodisiac and the decline of Ahlat's flock and Essence is both precipitous and inevitable. Walruses have long ago thought to have been hunted to extinction, but Ahlat is no fool. The sole surviving colony of Walruses is a tiny remote icy moon at the edge of the Galaxy. Even with all of Ahlat's diligence the change to Creation's laws was too great. The Walrus are becoming steril, and within another 20 years Ahlat would have faded from memory along with the rest of his flock.

The once mighty Essence 10 War God is now a shadow of his former self. Precariously falling towards Essence 2. He could have been solidly Essence 3 if he abandoned Leeayata to her fate. Instead he secretly tithes part of his ambrosia to her. Both biding their time for the, to them, inevitable return of their Patron God - Sol Invictus.

Having no more time remaining to him, Ahlat placed all his hopes on one gamble. He used whatever little power he had to Endow the strongest of the Ice Nomads that irks a miserable existence on his planet as his God-Blooded and sent these handful into the greater universe seeking news of the Lawgivers and that of the Unconquered Sun.

It was a long shot, but Ahlat have faith that Sol Invictus will not reward his eternality of loyalty with abandonment.

And he was proven correct. For one of his agents did indeed locate a True Lawgiver.

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