New Worlds with all the same problems

A custom setting far in the future of the Exalted Standard setting.

Several ages have passed since the Exalted Standard settings, signature characters like the Bull of the North are completely unknown even to those who consider themselves lore masters. Creation has been destroyed at least once since the tumultuous age of sorrow, and been completely reshaped at least twice since then.

The celestial incarna is no longer in charge, in fact Malfeas and Cyrene have apparently been free-ed. They are changed however beyond any recognition, and with them, all of creation. Creation now resembles the modern understanding of the universe. Space is vast, planets revolve around stars, but even now, the underpinnings of the universe are essence fulled, only now it is unknown to most of universe.

The gods which were not summarily executed have been put back to work, and as such, the universe no longer needs the exalted. The sparks of all the exalted have been trapped in separate crystal prisons scattered around the galaxy and protected by the mighty Asgard. The eternal vigil against the gross excesses of the exalted, for that which was not taken, was destroyed, that which was not controlled, was subverted.

Unfortunately, the Asgard are a dieing race, and what few of there mighty number remain have become increasingly zealous and paranoid. The cyclical nature of the universe remains, and great threats loom in the horizon. Is there any power left which can defend creation besides the hero's of the sun, or are they an even worse threat then anything they could save creation from?


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Celestial Hierarchy
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